Flag Display Cases

Solid Wood Flag Frames are Ideal For Showcasing Veterans' American Flags

Flag Cases for veteran memorial keepsakes.This flag display case is one of the finest memorial frames for sale in this price range. Many military display cases on the web are constructed of a cheap MDF. These veteran flag cases are made of solid wood. The glass has a bevel along the inner surface. This feature, as well as the decorative molding of this triangle gives the display an upscale appearance. There are 3 color styles available. The oak units have a particularly exquisite finish, as do the blacks and cherries. This triangle display can be purchased with or without the matching pedestals. A stand can be bought separately from the rest of the unit. This selection of military flag cases has both rear and forward opening models. Boxes that open from the front are hinged with a magnetic clasp and are cherry colored.

Use these memorial flag display cases to protect the American flag often presented at the burial service.What size flags will these hold? Each box comes in two sizes. The national ensign frame is available in both a 3 x 5 ft and 5 ft x 9-1/2 ft selections. A custom produced display is unnecessary, since this shadow box fits standard banners. The high quality of these triangle wood cases imparts a unique look onto the product. These frames can hang on walls or sit on a tabletop. The American flag case appears even more predominant in a room when on display with the base. The memorial stands are stained in the same shades as the frames. The oak casing matches the platform perfectly. Memorial flag boxes for banners are triangular in shape. There is no need to unfold military banners when displaying them in these units, as this display is designed for an already folded piece.

Why should customers purchase these triangle flag cases from this website?
  • Same day shipping is available on most in-stock merchandise. Orders must be placed before 2PM EST (M-F) to qualify.
  • These are just a few out of hundreds of frames to choose from. A display for almost any place or event can be found on this site.
  • This company has outstanding consumer service. Customers can speak to a live representative should any questions about products arise.
What makes this case different from other flag frames on the market?
  • The perimeter of each triangle flag display has ornate edging, whereas other box displays are more basic in style.
  • There are 22 different varieties. Customers can choose the right display for their specific needs.
  • Solid wood construction and great craftsmanship go into the assembly.
  • The glass window is beveled around the perimeter for a more elegant appearance.

Purchase this veteran flag case to protect a cherished American flag.This is a superb as gifts for veterans and families of servicemen. Commemorate a person who has served the country with this memorial frame. The 5' x 9-1/2' cases will accommodate a burial flag. The fine design of this wood frame allows this piece to be displayed at a funeral or memorial service. The 3' x 5' veteran flag case holds a banner that is typically hung outside a home. The smaller sized military shadow boxes and frames are fantastic for showcasing an ensign in dens or offices. These cases are made with the same integrity as the larger military displays. No matter what size is picked, users are sure to receive a high quality product. This memorial flag display case can be passed down to future generations. Use this keepsake to preserve the memory of an American hero.

Solid wood American flag frames and military display cases can be found in the display cabinets category. Tabletop, freestanding and optical showcases in various shapes and sizes are all available from this company. Acrylic displays for sports memorabilia are another fast selling product in this section. A cabinet to display a trophy or urn, a triangular display case, locking boxes, curios and wall mount cabinets are all available from this online merchant.