iPad Kiosk Enclosures for Digital Display Use at Conventions

iPad Enclosures - Tablet Floor Stands For Digital Interaction at Trade Shows

iPad mounting solutions for in-store marketing

Is an iPad enclosure the best way to present a brand? How will this temporary kiosk help differentiate my business from others? What types of tablets are compatible with these stands? These considerations only propose a few questions, but the following facts and figures below can help indecisive consumers determine which alternatives and options best suit their needs. iPad enclosures are an eye-catching way to interact with customers on an intimate level. Floor standing configurations are ideal for lobbies and trade show booths and kiosks are available to hold the iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air as well as Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy tablets. iPad enclosures are used indoors and designed to secure expensive technology within the confinements of each bracket. Corporations resourcefully position kiosks throughout store locations and amongst trade show expositions to gain maximum exposure and connect with visitors while also being able to record and collect customer data. Trade show iPad kiosks can also be used inside hotels and restaurants to present specials, events, photo snapshots and menu offerings to guests! Hotel management can also offer location-based applications on each flat panel for patrons to check in, reserve seating or request room accommodations.

iPad kiosk stand

Interactive kiosks are a great way to engage with potential customers and inform them of brand statistics or present them with an image-laden slideshow. Industry leaders have already begun to introduce tablet holders innovatively throughout different aspects of marketing. Any tablet enclosure for presentation use can be integrated into a point-of-purchase display to heighten the level of client responsiveness. Applications can be developed that can present or collect data, promotional initiatives and other relevant material to any consumer passing by. Owners can even tie in data collection with Google Analytics to track in-store data side by side with the website. Even though pedestals offered do not all include additional components to secure the framework to a floor or electronics to the holder, these iPad displays can be positioned in eye sight to monitor theft. Locking kiosks are ideal for public viewing to prevent theft. Also check out our models available for home use.

How do iPad enclosures found in this online catalog measure up to other models found on the Internet?

  • Bracket adjusts to safely secure Apple tablets
  • 360° rotation gives a substantial range of motion
  • Soft padding is attached to all surfaces that may come into contact with device
  • Models are crafted for temporary placement and can be relocated instantly
  • Creative positioning opportunities give users endless options

Business professionals, students and educational professors all operate this kiosk during many types of presentations. The height of each stand can be modified depending on the user, desirable elevation level and position of the screen. Regardless of the panel orientation, a sturdy iPad bracket holds a digital tablet from opposite corners and locks into place. The engineered design on the holster exposes media charging ports which makes usage during recharging instances feasible. Other configuration models require detachment while charging which can have a negative effect when attempting to reach a desirable client base consistently. If a touch screen can be fully powered at all times, the technological device will never die.

locking tablet enclosures

Freestanding Kiosk Platform Features

  • Hard-wearing base grants stability and levelness, all while averting motion!
  • Apple gadget will secure into position with mounting case!
  • Gooseneck flexible pole makes screen adjustment possible!
  • Pedestal can be situated at home or in high-traffic trade show locations to expectantly increase exposure!

All setups are nearly identical and can be fully functional within minutes. Some floor podiums are comprised of two different poles that must be screwed together before fixing the entire system into the partnered footing. The coupled system is then connected into the corresponding base for a completed and secure stand. Begin increasing data collection and customer interaction today with in-store kiosks.