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Poster Sleeves | Protective Plastic Sign Covers for Graphics

Poster Sleeves - Clear Framing for Protecting Print Art or Large Signs

poster sleeves for store windowsDo you need poster sleeves to hang in your store or business window? If so, then this selection of sign covers is sure to suit your needs. Poster sleeves are ideal for a variety of uses because they are clear in design and are sold in a range of sizes. Some common sizes include 11" x 17", 16" x 20", 18" x 24", 22" x 28" and 24" x 36".

A poster protector sleeve is usually made from PVC or mylar, a thick type of plastic material. Plastic frames and sign covers are generally much cheaper and more affordable than those made using acrylic or glass. The clear poster sleeves, also called print protectors, have a low price point that is ideal for store owners and operators looking to purchase sign holders in bulk. Because of the low prices, various companies take advantage of the wholesale pricing. The protective sleeves are clear and flexible for ease of use. The clear design of the frames enables passersby to easily see the displayed graphics. This poster display, unlike other sign holders, does not cover any portion of your presented art print. Each print display features an easy to use design. Users can easily remove or change graphics by simply sliding the posting in or out of the sign cover. The protective plastic covering also prevents your displayed art print from being creased, torn or tampered with.

plastic poster framesWhere is a print protector often used?
  • Museums and galleries utilize the art poster sleeves to keep their gallery advertisements or prints protected.
  • Banks and financial institutions often hang the graphic holders on office doors or on drive thru windows, promoting the day's loan rates. In these locations, they are able to capture the attention of customers immediately.
  • Retail stores and shopping centers frequently hang the sleeve displays in a storefront window, to showcase "SALE" or "Clearance Items - Now 50% Off!" signage. Shopping centers also display the protective sign covers on entrance doors, to promote an upcoming event.
  • Restaurants and food service establishments are additional locations that often display menus or drink specials. The plexiglass print protectors and sign covers can also be used to present an advertisement print in the window, such as promotional signage for a charity event, to encourage patrons to take part in the event. The sign holders can also be used on the exit doors, thanking customers for their patronage.
  • Drug stores and grocery stores suspend the framing from the ceiling with hardware kits (sold separately). When used in this manner, the signholders serve as an affordable wayfinding system to help customers to quickly and easily find where the products they need are located.
What makes these wholesale print protectors so unique?
  • Each model is crafted from PVC plastic (not unlike mylar) which provides a flexible signage solution.
  • The poster protectors are affordably priced. Convenient pricing allows businesses to purchase higher quantities for a lower cost per unit. Wholesale prices are ideal for thse looking to buy art print protectors in bulk.
  • Sign covers made from protective plastic are stocked by the thousands to offer some of the shortest shipping lead times found everywhere on the web.
PVC covers for large prints

The print protectors seen here are designed for a wide variety of uses. Some of the art frames in this category come with double-sided adhesive. This is ideal for adhering to non-porous surfaces. When using the double-stick tape, these poster display sleeves are not recommended for use in a window. The tape will show on the reverse side. The double-sided tape also enables users to display their signage vertically or horizontally, depending on the orientation of your advertisements.

These poster jackets also come with two small holes in the top of the sleeve. This design is perfect for use with ceiling hanging hardware (sold separately on this website). This allows users to display their signage in a retail store, hanging from the ceiling, to capture the attention of patrons. The kits give users the option of mounting these signs to the ceiling above a storefront window for a view that doesn't block the entirety of your retail store. Customers can also hang these jackets from the ceiling throughout a store to create a wayfinding system. This helps to guide patrons through your organization, and make it easy for them to find the merchandise they are looking for. Each mylar sign holder also features an easy image loading design, allowing for users to change signage as often as your store requires it. There's a slot on the top of the frames (or on the side if you choose to use the holders in landscape orientation), simply slide the images in and out from there. It's just that easy!

Some of the signage sleeves, poster covers, and jackets in this category come with suction cups, making them perfect for use in a storefront window. The suction cup design makes these protective plastic signage holders double-sided. Users can then display two different graphics back to back in the poster protectors, ensuring your messages get noticed. The suction cups attach to the art print covers using hooks on the backside. Users can then leave the suction cups in place on the door or window, and simply remove the sign holder to change out graphics.

The cheap print protectors are just one of the many protective plastic framing options this site has available for purchase. Additional mylar frame solutions can be found in the online catalog, from high-quality snap-open holders to illuminated light box displays. In addition to signage solutions, this company is also home to over 7,000 unique marketing display fixtures. As a business to business provider, this company sells retail fixtures at wholesale prices! Be sure to check out the entire online selection to see all that we have to offer.