Outdoor Menu Case with Enclosed Surface

Outdoor Menu Cases with Locking Waterproof Enclosures

Outdoor Menu Case

This outdoor menu case is designed for use outside. Information can be displayed outdoors for the public to see any time of year with these exterior-rated swing-open frames. This bulletin board is offered in many different styles to accommodate different size sheets. Depending on the printed sheets, users can choose the outdoor menu cases that fit 8-1/2" x 11", 8-1/2" x 14" or 11" x 17" pages. Users can print the posters directly from an office printer and post them immediately. This exterior bulletin board, outdoor menu case can be used to display restaurant menus, printed ads and promotional materials. Exterior-rated menu boards are a cost-effective way to communicate messages to customers. A wall-mount swing frame, restaurant outdoor menu case is available in two interior backboards options; self-healing corkboards or magnetic board. Printout sheets can be easily attached to the board by using magnets or push pins.

Outdoor Menu Boards
    How can this outdoor menu case that has a locking frame be used?
  • Bulletin boards are used to display schedules, upcoming events, news articles and memos
  • Outdoor menu cases can be use to show maps, directories, important notices and announcements.
  • Posting weekly deals, holiday sales, newly arrived merchandise and promotions.

This outdoor menu case, called a swing-frame box, has a rubber gasket sealed on the door to keep moisture out. As a result, the unit is waterproof and safe for use outside. This enclosed outdoor menu case that is weather-proof can withstand everyday use outside whether in rain or snow. Users do not need to worry about the materials getting wet or damaged. The exterior menu boards seen here are made with a swing-open door designed for easy access to the contents in the box. At the side of the unit, there are two support rods to keep the door open for users to conveniently post their articles. This outdoor menu case that features a swing-open door makes graphic changes effortless. These bulletin boards can be mounted vertically or horizontally, depending on the orientation of your graphics. Once installed, updates can be made directly from the front of the outdoor menu cases without having to detach them from the wall area. The easy-to-use design makes the bulletin board perfect for use within any institution needing to frequently change or update their displayed advertisements.

Outdoor Menu Cases
    Where can these outdoor menu boards be use?
  • Schools, colleges and universities.
  • Hospitals, libraries and other public areas.
  • Restaurants, cafes, bars and department stores.

The universal design of these outdoor menu cases enables the unit to be used by a wide variety of businesses. Restaurants can mount the bulletin board outside the facility to show food listings or daily specials. The swing open frame can also be used to showcase business hours or messages to visitors or guests in public areas like libraries, hospitals and government centers. Although this swing open frame is designed for use outside, the exterior rated bulletin board is also appropriate for use indoors. The unit can be used in hallways, foyers, lobbies or waiting rooms. There is also no need to worry about vandalism, as all of the units feature locking frames. Each unit comes with either one or two locks with keys included to secure the contents in the casing. This swing frame protects the message inside from vandalism and theft. By mounting the swing frame cases outside, it helps to communicate information even after business hours. This bulletin board will help businesses gain new clients!

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