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Marketing Flag for Advertising Outdoors

These marketing flags can be printed in red, blue, white or any other color! What makes these marketing flags the optimum choice for advertising outside? The answer is each unit incorporates design attributes that make an extraordinarily effective outdoor display! Each marketing flag has a large size, custom graphics and a rugged construction. As a result, these event displays are simply the most effective tool available for notifying the public of promotions. The largest marketing flag available stands a full 17 feet 8 inches high when mounted on the pole. Giantpole displays literally fly above most other street-level sidewalk signs. These marketing flags do more than simply make your advertisements easier to see for potential customers. The fact there are a multitude of printing options to choose from ensures graphics are colorful as well, making the display fun and welcoming in the eyes of consumers. The marketing flag will increase brand awareness for practically any product or service. No matter the event or company brand, there is no better way to attract attention than with these tall custom banners.

Marketing Flags for Advertising Events! The marketing flags for sale in this category are offered as separate components, as well as complete sets, to offer customers the more options when making a purchase. Both bases and banners are sold separately. Custom graphics are included with the purchase of each marketing flag. Two printing options are available; silkscreen or digital printing. Marketing flags, also known as giant pole banners, with silkscreen imprinting are sold in 1-color, 2-color, 3-color and full color options. Businesses that want to advertise with photo-quality images are in luck as well. The marketing flag with digital printing is the ideal choice for advertising with complex or detailed graphics. There is only one restriction on these numerous printing options, silkscreen banners must be ordered in quantities of (10) or greater!

Marketing Flags for Advertising Events! What indoor settings are these marketing flags commonly seen?
  • Sports arenas promoting the local team.
  • Convention centers welcoming attendees of an exhibition.
  • High school gymnasiums for all types of events.
  • Warehouse-style retailers, such as wholesale clubs, to notify consumers of the latest specials.
  • Any indoor space with ceilings high enough to accommodate a 17 ft 8 in marketing flag!
Why do Giant-pole displays capture more attention than typical outdoor signs?
  • The fabric banners wave in the wind, creating a fluttering effect.
  • Giantpole displays generally have a larger viewable area than other signage.
  • Bases have wheels for positioning in the most visible location.
  • Colorful, high quality printing ensures custom graphics look pristine when flying.
  • Mobility allows users to arrange multiple custom banners for elaborate displays.

Any event will see an increase in attendance when flying these giant pole banners! In addition to being a fun, effective way of advertising, these custom banner stands have a multitude of convenient user-friendly features. Engineered for portability, the outdoor display breaks down to fit compactly into a couple of carrying bags included with your purchase. The pole, base and flag can easily fit inside the trunk of most cars for transport. To ensure users do not have to continually unwind the banner from the pole, a grommet and weight system keeps the fabric pennant extended. The tripole system allows the arm and banner to rotate a full 360° in the wind. This series of outdoor display is approved for use in winds up to 31mph. The base can be filled with water or sand to ensure the stand does not shift or tip over in moderate winds. Yet another convenient feature is your company will only need to dedicate one person for set up! The aluminum pole is telescoping and incredibly lightweight. Once expanded with the banner attached, one needs to only slide the pole into the center of the base!

Banners for sale in this category have a rugged, knitted polyesters construction. Each pennant is specifically engineered to withstand outdoor use. Both the printing and fabric undergo treatments to delay the possibly of any fading, and to make colors appear brighter. The fabric is rugged enough for use outside, yet light enough that even moderate winds will make the banners flutter. There are several grommets along the side and top of each large pennant, which provides a means of connecting the to the pole. This ensures the fabric does not bunch up.

For a company searching for a way to increase brand awareness, these custom advertising banner are the ideal outdoor displays. Custom digital or silkscreen imprint is included. This means the unit is tailored to promote your specific company brand, unlike generic "WELCOME" banners. Many products in the event display comes with custom printing such as umbrellas, coolers, and tents. This online catalog is filled with custom and stock advertising solution to help your company or brand succeed! Banner stands and custom graphics are only a small sampling of all this website has to offer! Also available for growing company brand awareness are sidewalk signs, poster frames, digital signage solutions, store fixtures, display cases, e-posters and much more! Whatever industry your business operates in, advertising with quality displays is critical! That is why so many successful companies choose to shop here, on Displays2go! This online catalog simply has the premier selection of digitally printed and silkscreen banners on the web!