iPad Stands for Retail POS and Merchandising

iPad & Tablet POS Stands Make Effective Retail Cash Registers & Interactive Trade Show Kiosks

How can an iPad stand benefit your business? There are countless possibilities, and they can be used across a wide variety of settings including retail stores & trade shows. The Apple® tablet is a revolutionary product, enabling users to take projects and presentations on the road with ease. A revolutionary device deserves an equally revolutionary cradle, such as these hands free tablet cases. Each enclosure system is specifically designed for either residential/home use, or commercial/public use. There are a wide variety of iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air and Samsung Galaxy fixtures to choose from in this online selection. Options include floor and countertop stands along with wall mount styles. Locking iPad stands are ideal for public viewing. Non-locking home models are available as well, and complement the kitchen, living room or bedroom.

What hands free tablet accessories are available for purchase?
  • Countertop tablet stands for home use
  • iPad floor stands for retail with tilting enclosures
  • Locking and secure wall mounts for use within public settings
  • Enclosures for countertop use that lock for use as cash registers and checkout counters
  • iPad table stands that can be secured on countertops for viewing, or taken on the go.
  • Tablet specific products like the Samsung Galaxy, iPad Air and iPad Mini kiosks.
iPad Display Stand for POS Purchases

iPad stands turn a tablet into a versatile workstation or customer information center. Pre-load apps and software for customers to use that is tailored to your business. Restaurants like to advertise menu selections and tempt people to order specific items with slideshows. Other companies allow patrons to play games or browse the internet. Tablet stands can also pay for themselves! Use presentations as an opportunity to sell ad space. Highly prominent ads can be sold to alleviate other business costs. These hands free secure mounting solutions can be used inside hotels and restaurants to present specials, events, photo snapshots and menu offerings to guests. Check out this list for some creative ideas on how to implement tablets in your business.

Tablet Floor Stands & Pedestals

iPads can be a great way to engage potential customers and inform them of pertinent brand information! Various companies have already begun to introduce tablet holders and cradle mounting systems to their presentations in order to increase customer interest and drive new sales! A tablet stand can be integrated into a point-of-purchase display anywhere, to heighten the level of client interest and promote foot traffic. Businesses can develop customized applications to present valid data, promotional initiatives and other marketing material to consumers. Floor standing kiosks and wall displays are a part of the latest consumer trends that many corporations are now implementing. Store locations that feature an interactive station to communicate information to customers on a personal, customized level through the use of tailored Apple applications tend to see higher conversion rates. By engaging patrons and generating interest, businesses are able to reach more consumers than ever. Tablets can also implement software like Google Analytics and compare it to data from other sources, like the company website.

What types of businesses use iPad Stands?
  • Hotels - for guests to check in/out or to request room accommodations
  • Restaurants & Food Service Locations - for customers to reserve seating or place their food order
  • Trade Shows & Convention Centers - for patrons to interact with exhibitors and learn more about upcoming products or services
  • Retail Stores - for shoppers to participate in giveaways or learn more about particular products, such as cosmetics, or as a POS stand or register
  • Car Dealerships - for customers to see individual features on new models, check in for vehicle maintenance services or queue up to meet with a dealer

Individuals with an Apple® tablet stand for personal use will find them beneficial for use in their home. Many countertop models are adjustable and rotate with ease, enabling users to go from browsing the internet with the screen in portrait orientation, to reading a book in landscape orientation. Turn your tablet into a gaming console or personal movie theater with these stand accessories!

Businesses looking to add the Apple iPad or iPad Mini to their point of purchase displays will find the enclosure models to be exceptionally beneficial to their business location. Stands and holders for the iPad Air are also available. Many systems include locking devices in order to prevent theft and tampering. Some kiosks include hidden screws, which secure the tablet in place. Other models feature keyed and Kensington-style locks, ideal for use in retail locations where they will be on display for customer interaction. Certain kiosks can also be bolted to the floor or counter, in order to prevent the displays from being moved.