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iPad Register Stands | Interactive Cash Registers Hold iPads & Tablets

iPad Cash Register Stand - Touch Screen Checkout Systems Improve Business Operating Efficiency

Is an iPad register stand going to help increase sales for my business? Will these desktop tablet holders set my company apart from my competitors? This online selection includes locking and secure iPad register stand options for customers to select the model that will best suit their presentation needs. The use of tablets and other electronic devices within businesses is becoming much more prevalent. Companies are beginning to see the benefits of offering these types of hands-on devices, for consumers to interact with and learn more about a brand! By engaging potential customers with an ipad checkout stand, companies are able to increase sales and awareness much easier than with any other form of advertising. Businesses also need a secure means of presenting these tablets, and each locking enclosure in this online selection is an ideal solution!

How does this tablet checkout counter compare to other models on the web?
  • iPad cash register stands rotate with ease from portrait to landscape orientation for multiple presentation options.
  • Each enclosure is priced to sell, ideal for users or businesses looking to buy in bulk.
  • These tablet holders are temporary fixtures, for users to move them from one location to another.

Apple® tablets are expensive devices. As a result, these devices are vulnerable to theft in public places, such as offices, schools and coffee shops. Each ipad holder found here features a lock to keep tablets secure and prevent tampering and theft. Some models found in this online selection include "hidden" security screws. Once placed within the tablet checkout counter, and the security screw is tightened, the device cannot be removed. Though locked and secure within the holder, the cradle can still be rotated 360°!

One of the best ways to utilize these stands is as a cash register or checkout counter. These point-of-sale(POS) displays often feature square card reader brackets so customers can swipe their credit cards. That's right! There's no need for a full cash register, a tablet can be an all in one checkout counter and credit card machine. Avoid cluttering the checkout counter with a clunky cash register and leave room for POS bins and racks.

Other tablet holder options include a Kensington-style lock for added security. This locking mechanism comes with a steel core security cable. Users can loop this security cable through or around anything rugged and immobile nearby, and to secure your kiosk enclosure and tablet. This lock features a pivoting and rotating head to work at any angle. Each ipad register stand with locking device also comes with a set of keys for your convenience. This locking mechanism is easy to use, and secures your display in mere seconds! This type of mounting system can be found in a variety of business locations, such as retail stores, restaurants and food service locations, hotels and even salons. These particular models also feature a push lock on the enclosure itself. This keeps the tablet secure within the display, while the Kensington-style lock keeps the entire unit fastened to any stable surface.

This cradle for Apple® tablets is also an adjustable cradle. The desktop stands feature a rotating bracket that rotate 360°, going from portrait to landscape orientation in a matter of seconds. Most of the units feature a small opening through which users can feed a charging cord. Users can rotate the stands without having to remove the charging cord as well! This is a truly convenient feature of each display. The fixtures can also be angled, to prevent glare from hindering the view of the display screen, providing optimal viewing.

It is important to take notice of what Apple® tablet model the enclosure is designed to hold, as some fixtures only hold certain models. The dimensions of the iPad changes slightly with each generation. As such, certain enclosures are specifically designed to fit a certain model. Some units come with a set of foam pads for the interior of the holder. This enables multiple generations to be displayed within this same unit. This set of foam pads also prevents your e-readers from moving within the display, ensuring it will not get damaged.

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