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iPad Wall Mounts & Brackets for POS Systems

Wall Mount For iPad - Affixed POS Brackets Feature Card Reader Enclosures to Process Customer Transactions

iPad POS Wall Mount

Why does a business use an iPad wall mount? Businesses use secure tablet holders as a form of marketing. A wall-mounted touchscreen display is a great way to get consumers interested in products and services. Apple® tablets are becoming more and more popular in everyday business. These brackets are used in a variety of industries and are compatible with standard iPads, along with the iPad Air and Mini. Universally sized fixtures are great for users seeking something for Samsung Galaxy and Google Nexus tablets. Allow customers to interactively explore what the business has to offer when displaying an touchscreen device. iPad mounts effectively conserve since they do not sit on counters or the sales floor. These enclosures can be affixed at eye-level for prominent visibility.

What types of establishments use the tablet wall mounts?
  • Retail stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurants
  • Museums
  • Salons
iPad Mount For Wall

Most department stores have started using these tablet bracket POS systems to improve customer service. iPad wall mounts with a tablet [not included] can display a slideshow of different outfits to give patrons different ideas or increase the exposure of less visible product lines. Most cases can hold the Apple® 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation tablets. Each mounting bracket is made primarily for commercial use, but residential cases are also available.

What are some of the features that these secure tablet enclosures have?
  • This iPad mount can be placed at eye-level for the consumers.
  • Many models can accommodate credit card readers, making them great for point of sale devices.
  • Each bracket is made sturdy to last years of use.
  • Displays rotate from portrait to landscape orientation.
  • Some fixtures are available with plugs to cover various buttons & ports

Each secure wall mount for iPad has its own unique features. iPads are expensive investments for stores and measures should be taken to protect them. Many mount systems can be drilled directly into the wall and kept inside a locking enclosure, or purchased with an optional Kensington lock. There are also black ABS nylon units which have many features including molded plugs to hide the charging ports, home button, volume controls, power button, and a headphone jack to prevent customers from tampering with the display. The acrylic bracket also gives users the option to hide the home button to prevent tampering of the unit. We are also offering features to accommodate the iPad Mini! Use an iPad Mini wall mount in the kitchen for recipes or in a commercial setting. We even offer a three in one display that can be wall mounted, taken on the go or stood on countertops!

iPad Mount

Apple® tablet accessories are gradually becoming very popular in businesses. These mounting systems include all the hardware to quickly and easily display in a store setting. Each locking bracket is made to last. Customers can choose locking steel cases, ABS plastic units, or a clear acrylic holder with black accents. All of the tablet case systems have rotating and tilting capabilities. Some of the bracket and enclosure kits give consumers the option to expose or hide the home button, as well as buy the display with or without a Kensington lock system. All the tablet holders are built specifically for commercial use. This online supplier offers these touchscreen bracket systems at a great price to work with any size budget. Each case can hold the Apple® 2nd, 3rd, or 4th generation.