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Cheap Mannequins - Affordable Male and Female Form Store Fixtures

Cheap Mannequins | For Retail Window Displays

Looking for cheap mannequins to create effective window displays and retail advertisements? Displays2go has an expansive collection of store fixtures to meet any merchandising need. These wholesale mannequins accentuate an advertisement and are ideal for a retail store or boutique that sells male and female apparel. Merchants use these display forms to increase brand awareness by creating interesting and eye catching window displays. These male and female store fixtures, abstract cheap mannequins are constructed of fiberglass. This material is durable for long lasting use and is sure to meet the needs of a busy retail establishment. These cheap mannequins have a variety of colors to choose from, including black, metallic, and white, and are available in matte and glossy finishes. All store fixtures will help turn any window display from drab to fab!

Cheap Mannequins with Abstract Features Will these store fixtures meet the demands of busy retail environments?
  • Each abstract wholesale mannequin is constructed of durable materials including fiberglass which is lightweight, yet durable. These fixtures are designed for constant use in retail stores and other locations.
  • All models are supported by a sturdy base for stability. It is important that retailers do not add excess weight to the display and accessorize appropriately.
  • These dress forms have detachable limbs which make dressing and accessorizing a quick and easy task. These limbs securely lock in place so customers can feel confident in the stability of the unit.
Cheap Mannequins with Abstract Features

The cheap mannequin, such as this abstract retail form, is an important advertising tool. These male and female forms have abstract features that create eye catching advertisements, bringing potential customers in to shop! Every abstract cheap mannequin has different features that range from faceless designs to sharp facial definitions. These subtle and unique characteristics help create interesting displays that are visually pleasing yet are not distracting. Some of these cheap mannequins also have abstract hands and feet that are great for modeling accessories such as handbags and shoes. Each female and male store fixture is very versatile and will meet and exceed all merchandising needs!

Each retail form stands tall and is supported by a weighted base for stability. This base is made of durable materials such as brushed weighted metal or tempered glass and is suitable for the demands of retail merchandising. These stands blend in with the environment in which they are placed, and with thoughtful propping, they can be hidden entirely from view! The display forms are attached to the base by a heel or calf rod that can be adjusted for varying stand placement. Most store fixtures are able to pivot on the heel or calf rods and can be placed at many different angles for viewing versatility. Retailers often choose these male and female forms for their versatility and economical price point.

Each store display has removable parts that aid in dressing, accessorizing and propping. Many of these fashion forms have removable hands, arms, torso and leg and are easy to remove and snap securely back in place. The secure fitting parts ensure that pieces of the fixtures will not fall off once on display. These forms are ideal for busy retail locations that change displays often as the models are lightweight and easy to move as well as quick to change! Retailers often choose these clothing models for their durability and ease of use.

How can these retail forms be used for advertising?
  • These abstract models are ideal for use in store advertisements. Store fixtures create stunning eye catching ads with subtle features that enhance any retail environment!
  • Each male or female unit are cost effective and can be used as single forms, or placed in larger compositions for elaborate advertisements that create a more lifelike composition drawing potential customers into the store.
  • Each of these models helps customers visualize what the apparel will look like on a live person rather than hanging shapelessly on a hanger. Modeling clothes on a fashion dummy is more appealing and encourages customers to try the merchandise on.
Cheap Mannequins with Abstract Features

Each abstract dress form is ideal for window displays and other store advertisements as they create eye catching designs but do not detract from the overall branding message. These fiberglass models are gender specific and should be showcased in retail locations and boutiques that sell apparel for all genders. Merchants prefer these abstract retail store fixtures as they give an accurate depiction of what the clothing will look like on a live model. Fashion dummies have an impact on potential clients and encourages them to try on the merchandise resulting in increased sales. Often times, merchandisers use these display forms to create large intricate window displays as well as smaller displays within the store to highlight a particular item of clothing. These economically priced fixtures are great for use in larger displays with similar models to create more elaborate scenes. Placing a few models together helps give the advertisements a lifelike feel which is more inviting to guests.

These models ship unassembled to save on shipping costs and are simple to assemble. Assembly instructions can be found on the individual product page. Each retail fixture can be put together in just a few moments and can be accomplished easily by just one person. It is recommended that retailers accessorize the male and female forms during assembly. Retailers may find that the clothing displays are easier to dress in larger sized apparel as the limbs of the models are rigid. To achieve the desired look, clothes can be pinned out of view from prospective clients to make the apparel look its best!

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