Half Body & Torso Mannequins - For Showcasing Pants and Shirts

Half Body Mannequins Accent Specific Clothing Items In Lieu of Entire Outfits

Half Mannequin for Displaying Apparel in Retail Stores Looking for body displays to model male and female fashions? Half mannequins provide a great way to display the newest apparel in any retail store! Each torso form is designed to model clothing for a male and female and is designed for long lasting use. These store fixtures, durable half body mannequins are constructed of strong materials such as fiberglass and polyethylene plastic. These materials ensure that each torso model will meet the demanding needs of any retail establishment or boutique. These half body mannequins are resistant to scratching, chipping, and fading. Merchants chose retail forms like these as the displays come in a variety of poses and are designed to promote apparel for specific areas of the body. Some torso mannequins offered by Displays2go include leg displays, hand displays, torso models and many more! Leg displays are ideal for modeling pants, skirts, hosiery, shoes, etc., while torso models are great for displaying shirts, scarves, sweaters, etc. Displays2go has half mannequins for every merchandising need!

How can retailers use these torso forms in stores?
  • Each of these leg or torso mannequins can be used as table top displays to promote or advertise a particular item. Many times retailers will use an upper body form or leg model on a table of shirts or pants to promote that particular item of clothing because it is on sale or a new arrival!
  • Most of these half body mannequins are supported by an adjustable or stationary base that allows the forms to be used as floor standing models. Just as these fixtures can be used as tabletop models, each female and male dummy can also be used as a floor standing display to promote different items of clothing.
  • Most often, these half mannequins are used as part of a larger and more intricate window advertisements that attract the attention of potential customers passing by. Use these models alone or with others to create eye catching displays that increase sales and brand awareness!

Each of these female dress forms is ideal for use in any retail store. Each half body mannequin provides a great way for displaying items to create eye catching displays. Each store torso has different features including abstract and lifelike designs and finishes. A complete outline of item specific features can be found on the product page for each half body mannequin. Merchants use unique store fixtures like these as table top and floor standing displays or as window advertisements. Each of these mannequins can be displayed alone to highlight a specific item for sale or as part of a larger composition. Often times, merchants will use these forms along with full sized fashion models to create intricate and eye catching displays that grab the attention of potential customers and persuade them to enter the store to peruse the merchandise. Often times, items modeled by these female and male fixtures are top sellers as customers are able to visualize the fit of the item as well as what the item will look like on! Increase sales with these torso models!

Leg mannequins for retail

Each store display is an ideal marketing tool that is a great solution for even the most demanding visual merchandising needs. Each torso model is ideal for retail shops as they are easy to dress and accessorize. Many of these female and male models feature removable limbs to aid in the merchandising of goods. Retailers purchase display items like these as they help save time when creating intricate compositions which allow employees to accomplish more and focus on other tasks. Each of these forms is supported by a sturdy base constructed of durable materials. Most often, each base is made of either tempered glass or brushed metal, which is weighted and provide support for the models. These bases are clear or neutral in color and do not detract from the display. Many times, the base can be hidden entirely from view with clever propping! Each retail store torso is able to pivot on the base allowing merchandisers to display the fixtures at various angles providing versatility! Create just the right look to increase brand awareness in any shop or boutique!

What are some of the key selling features of these fashion forms ?
  • Each of these half body forms are constructed of durable materials such as fiberglass and polyethylene plastic for years of use. These materials are resistant to chipping, scratching, and fading and are ideal for the demanding needs of retail environments.
  • Many of these mannequins can be used as window display models, table top displays as well as floor standing models. Some of the bases adjust in height and all forms are able to pivot on the base to achieve just the right look. Merchants prefer to use partial figures like these as they can be used in so many different ways and are incredibly versatile!
  • These store fixtures are priced to sell! Customers will be satisfied with the quality of these fixtures and are ideal for merchants looking for store displays at a great price!