Buffet Display Stands Have Wire Frames with Melamine Plates

Buffet Display StandsThese buffet display stands, also called serving tiers, are great for setting up a large catering or restaurant displays. The food fixtures can be used on countertops or make shift tables for catering needs. These buffet display stands can be combined in various layouts to for large selections of food items. All of the restaurant holders have a multi-level design. The buffet catering stands are offered in either (2) or (4) tiers. Each appetizer cascading wire fixture is setup in such a way that every tier easily accessible for customer to reach. These buffet display stands are more than just food serving trays; the displays also utilize countertop space. The hors d’oeuvres holder’s waterfall design maximizes the amount of food that can be showcased while taking up the least amount of space. For that reason, the appetizer fixture, buffet display stand is ideal for banquet halls, large catering events, restaurants and hotels that offer food items to patrons. Why are these serving tiers used more often in the food industry? The reason food venues are using these units is that customers are more likely to purchase a baked good from a nicely presented delicacy stand. In addition, the clean and organized display will help draw in repeated business.

What makes this buffet display stand better than other traditional restaurant holders?

  • The fixtures take just mere minutes to assembly making them ideal for catering businesses.
  • No tools or hardware is needed when setting up the units.
  • All of the buffet catering stands come with melamine dishes of varying sizes.
  • The melamine dishes are resistant to staining and are safe to be placed inside of a dishwasher for quick and easy cleaning.
  • Buffet catering displays are offered in either (2) or (4) cascading tiered holders for ease of use by customers and employees alike.
  • The food fixtures frame in made from wire construction for a long lasting tool.
  • The buffet catering displays have a chrome finish and the melamine is ivory for coordinating with any setting.
  • These food-serving trays can be used in various layouts if more than one different unit is purchased.
  • There is one cascading fixture that can be assembled in one of two ways, giving the owner the ability to have either the small or larger melamine dishes in the front or back. When two are placed side by side in different designs, they create a uniformed and attractive food presentation!

Buffet Display StandsIs a buffet display stand a good fit for restaurants and caterers? Yes, as the serving trays not only conserve space but are also eye-catching food holders. The buffet display stand that can be placed on a tabletop is ultimately the best way to both save space while still being able to show off several kinds of items at a time. The hors d’oeuvre fixture comes with a chrome-finished frame. This buffet display stand that is offered with multiple tiers can either be purchased with (2) or (4) levels. There are various kinds of shapes in which the melamine platters are offered in, from large rectangular to square to circular bowls. These buffet display stands that have a frame constructed from wire are made for lasting durability. The hors d’oeuvre or appetizer fixture takes just minutes to assembly. The restaurant tiered risers require not tools or hardware to set up. The buffet catering stand’s melamine dishes have an ivory finish to compliment the chrome wire. The smallest dish measures just 5”w x 2-1/8”h 4-1/2”d and largest platter comes in at 18-3/4”w x 2-1/8”h x 10-3/4”d.

Where can these buffet display stands be found and what could they hold?

  • In a catering business, these tabletop risers can hold an assortment of goods, anything from appetizers, finger foods, to hors d oeuvres, and more.
  • Many hotels use these tiered holders for bagels, muffins, bread, fruit, and more at continental breakfast stations.
  • Restaurants hold an assortment of buffet items, salads, condiments, sauces, chicken, pastries, sandwiches, and so much more of these food service tools!
  • In banquet halls where appetizers and hors ‘oeuvres holders are needed during business conferences and other events.

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