Truss Displays for Trade Shows - Available with Custom Graphics and Travel Case

Exhibit & Trade Show Truss Displays w/ Custom Graphics & Traveling Case

Looking for a trade show booth that has custom graphics and is portable? Trade show truss systems with modular and portable designs offer a great solution! These metal exhibit assemblies can be constructed in almost any convention and tradeshow setting. Each booth is ideal for use in spaces measuring 10’w x 10’d, 10’w x 20’d, or 20’w x 20’d. For specific dimensions, please reference each trade show truss display product page before purchase. Customers are sure to find an exhibit booth for every need in the Displays2go online catalog! This all-in-one exhibit, portable truss display is constructed of aluminum with a black plastic coating. The metal construction is lightweight yet durable, ensuring the booth will last for years to come even with repeated use! These trade show truss displays are sold as kits. Each kit consist of all the pieces needed to construct the stand purchased!

Trade Show Truss Systems Available with Custom Graphics How are these exhibition booths constructed?
  • Each of these trade show truss displays are constructed out of lightweight aluminum with a black plastic coating. These materials are durable and weigh very little ensuring that the booth is long lasting and easy to transport.
  • Each trade show truss display kit consists of many modular pieces that fit together and secure with knobbed screws. While no tools are necessary for assembly, it is suggested that customers purchase separately a Bosch IXO mini screwdriver (or a similar model) for faster assembly.
  • This trade show truss display is highly portable and consists of modular collapsible pieces. Most pieces of this exhibit flatten for storage and transportation purposes. This collapsible feature means that even the largest truss displays can be stored in only a handful of boxes! Ideal for all tradeshow and convention events, this exhibit is sure to meet even the most demanding needs!

The exhibit truss display, such as the trade show stand, is an important promotional, advertising, and marketing tool. Ideal for all convention events, these booths are constructed of durable and lightweight materials ensuring long lasting use and ease of transportation. These exhibit truss displays have portable pieces that are both modular and collapsible. Business professionals prefer to use this trade show booth as there are no bulky pieces to transport when setting up or breaking down the stand. All truss display pieces collapse and store in individual gray travel bags to prevent scratching and chipping. Each booth stores in just a few boxes when not in use, ideal for set up in a variety of locations! Each of the exhibit kits contain all of the pieces needed to make the advertised construction. Pieces in the truss display kits include modules, connector crosses, corner pieces and bases. Combinations of these core (4) components are all that are needed to construct these trade show booths! Directions for assembly can be found on the individual product pages. All screws required for assembly are included with the kit. While no tools are necessary for assembly, it is suggested that customers purchase a Bosch IXO mini screwdriver (or a similar model) for faster assembly. While each stand is sold as a kit to construct a specific exhibit, customers can use the pieces to design a layout of their choice.

Truss Displays for Trade Shows Available with Custom GraphicsHow can this trade show booth be used for advertising and marketing?
  • Each of these truss displays are designed for use at conventions, tradeshows and exhibition events. The stand will fit into a common exhibit space measuring 10’w x 10’d, 10’w x 20’d, or 20’w x 20’d and will accentuate any environment! Promote any marketing message to prospective clients and business partners with these trade show truss displays!
  • Customers have the option to purchase each booth with or without graphics. Some more elaborate truss displays are available with multiple printing options for a custom appearance!
  • Each convention booth is sold as a kit to compose a very specific design. Customers may choose to use the pieces to construct a composition of their choice rather than the purchased trade show truss display composition.

Each convention booth is available with or without custom graphics. All stands are available with at least one printing option, while others have more. Printing options depend on the configuration and are based on the most probable arrangement(s) of the booth in an exhibition space. Please view each individual product page for custom design options as well as for templates for graphics specific to each stand. Professional graphics are showcased in the exhibition stands by placing aluminum profile bars into the top and bottom of the graphics. The banners secure to the booths with top and bottom clips which clip to the top and bottom of the graphics and snap on to the booth frame. Once snapped in place, the graphics will hang taut inside the frame. All components needed for hanging graphics including top and bottom clips as well as aluminum profile bars are included with all purchases of trade show booths regardless of whether printed graphics are purchased or not.

Truss Displays for Trade Shows Available with Custom Graphics

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