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Cafeteria Trays - High Quality Rectangular Food Service Supplies

cafeteria trays for lunch lines

These cafeteria trays, also known as fast food platters, are ideal for high traffic areas such as dining halls, mall eateries, and buffet lines. This plastic server is often seen in self-serve restaurants catering to a high volume of patrons, such as college unions. Are these cafeteria trays meant to have food placed directly on the surface? No, these non-segmented plates are designed only to transport meal plates, beverages, and eating utensils to the table by the customer.

What types of businesses often use fast food platters?

  • Dining Halls: These cafeteria trays are school supplies for college unions, mess halls, or lunch rooms.
  • Quick-Serve Venues: Sold in bulk, these products are reliable and long-lasting for high traffic environments.
  • Buffet-style Dining Setting: These restaurant fast food platters ensure a long life span for every all you can eat establishment.
  • All Fast Food Chains: Scratch resistant with a textured surface, these economical and lightweight dishes are durable for years of use.
cafeteria trays come in red, black, blue or brown

Easy to grip sides provide a sturdy accessory from cashier counter to a table. Available fast food platters are the style of plastic accessories that many quick meal establishments use. This serving utensil is often seen in restaurants catering to a high volume of patrons. These restaurant equipment are available in a variety of colors and sizes to suit any commercial setting. From 10”x 14” to 12”x 16”, these catering utensils are built to fit an assortment of meal plates and beverages.

What are some features of the college cafeteria trays for sale here?

  • These serving dishes are used primarily for customer use, for buying items a la carte in deli or cafeteria.
  • All product construction materials are designed to withstand constant use in school lunch rooms and dining halls.
  • The rectangular design of these utensils feature an easy to grip sides for a sturdy hold that makes it easy to maneuver around a large populace.
  • These plates are sold in bulk quantity as an economical choice for all quick prep franchises.
non-slip rectangular trays are ideal for food service

Does your establishment need new and affordable restaurant equipment? These platters are an economical choice for high traffic catering industries. Every food establishment with a bustling frequency should invest in these rectangular utensils. Overuse will not damage a polypropylene tray on this site. These products have been designed to withstand frequent use for high volume dining facilities. Made of sturdy polypropylene, the platters on this site are durable and long-lasting.

All tray surfaces have their own unique texture. All of the models, however, are designed to be slip resistant for an ideal customer experience. The texture of these products can call for either dishwasher safety or hand wash cleaning. In either case, the polypropylene trays can be quickly cleaned for reuse during a busy meal time. Once clean, users can stack them on top of on one another to save space and maintain an orderly eatery. These re-usable cafeteria platters are stackable in order to maintain an organized environment and increase counter space for high capacity restaurants. Every product in this selection has a thick grasping lip to get a customer through the service line quickly for a high frequency catering. These rectangular platters provide easy transportation of a la carte food for customers in high traffic areas.

These plastic serving supplies can be beneficial to any food service industry looking to cater to a large amount of people in a timely fashion. The trays on this site are very popular because they provide an inexpensive, yet durable, option for catering to customers. These platters will get college students fed quickly and happily! Serve fast food meals to a large amount of customers and maintain an orderly environment to keep guests pleased with these trays. Why hassle with disposable products when it’s more practical to invest in durable cafeteria platters? Environmentally friendly and cost effective, rectangular trays are the fitting choice for high traffic eateries. All commercial food industries will find durable goods that fit their business’ expectations on this site.

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