Menu Clipboards for Restaurants and Bars

Menu Clipboards - Covers For Menus in Restaurants and Bars

Are you looking to improve your customers’ dining experience? These menu clipboards will leave customers feeling welcome and impressed. Organization is essential for restaurant efficiency and profitability. The products on this page will help any restaurant do just that. These menu clipboards help keep food selection lists organized.

These clip menus, restaurant accessories are a great way to introduce kitchen and bar cuisines to customers. Leave your boring old paper copy menu in the past and slip a food list into a leatherette bound restaurant item holder! Make a spectacle of a cuisine list with this menu clipboard that keeps food and beverages the focal point of the venue, just as they should be! Black leather look makes your business look high class without spending a fortune on it. These menu clipboards hold food and beverage lists securely. There are a variety of different styles to choose from in this category. These food and drink item holders can be purchased as hardcovers, softcovers, tri-folds, freestanding, or tabletop! There is also a variety of sizes to choose from to accommodate any size item list. Browse this category to find all of the possibilities and choose what best suits your company’s décor!

Bar Trays What are some advantages to using these restaurant supplies?
  • Quickly change out entrée lists with the magnetic binding on the menu clipboard.
  • Food list holders appear as authentic leather for half the price.
  • These supplies add sophistication to any foodservice venue as well as conform to fine dining locales while saving money.
  • Clip menus keep food lists clean and damage-free while keeping them the focal point of the table setting.

Bar Trays There is a wide selection of sizes available in this category. Choose from narrow drink lists to full dining size clipboard menus! Save money shopping for restaurant covers. Many of these clipboard menus are made of a faux leather material. These covers look authentic for half of the price, and less maintenance, than real leather products. Leatherette material has many advantages. Give a restaurant a fine dining atmosphere for a fraction of the cost with these protectors. The black leatherette finishes of these clipboard menus match with any setting. Table presentation is one of the most important factors in maintaining a steady business. Professional looking and easy to clean, these clipboard menus are great investments for any venue. Many of these models come featured with embossed message that help to target specific specials or drinks a restaurant may want to advertise. Different designs are available in this selection to pick what best suits any type of restaurant interior. These clipboard menus are easy to use! Switching from an old to new food item lists is quick and painless with these holders. These clipboard menus are ideal for any foodservice venues! Simply slide the corners of a cuisine list into the pockets of the cover or bind it into the magnetic clip. Restaurants can get messy and these holders help to protect item lists from damage! Keep restaurants looking professional and organized with these clipboard menus!

What are some important factors to consider when purchasing this restaurant supplies?

  • Synthetic leather is economically priced while providing a sophisticated and professional appearance.
  • The design of these holders makes them easy to clean.
  • Some of the restaurant supplies come embossed with messages to promote specific specials or drinks for a venue.
  • Most of these products are standard for commonly used paper sizes for printed menus, making them ideal for restaurants.
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These products are very popular because they are relatively inexpensive and are oftentimes sold in bulk. Buying in bulk quantities is a great way for businesses to save money because it provides them with a uniform and long-lasting stock! These restaurant supplies meet the diverse needs of a number of foodservice locales. Shop with us today!

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