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Shadow Box Display Case - Large Frames w/ Tempered Glass

Shadow Box Display Cases - Tempered Glass Cabinets for Memorabilia & Collectibles

Shadow Box Display Cases

This shadow box display case is ideal for holding collectible items and family memories in a prominent, easy to see fashion. These large frames add a touch of personality and creativity to otherwise blank wall. Simply gather together the items you wish to show off and arrange them in the framed container to your liking. Why are shadow box display cases used to promote personal items? Each unit is designed to hold memorabilia securely under a glass window in a manner that both protects the items and proudly displays them. Instead of keeping cherished possessions under lock and key or buried in a closet, one can organize them in an aesthetically pleasing manner where guests can easily see them and they will be sheltered from dust. These shadow box display cases, also called a shadow box exhibit, are often shaped like typical picture frames. However, the differentiating feature of a collectibles box is that it is deeper than most photo holders. This depth allows users to place a wider variety of items inside of them, not just thin photographs or other similar paper products. The best part about a memorabilia frame, such as a military flag display, is that because it is 2"-4" deep, users have countless more possibilities for displaying valuables, family treasures, or other items.

What are shadow box exhibits used for?
  • Tempered glass shadow box display cases are used to present a variety of collages and collectibles in home or commercial settings
  • For sports mementos like a jersey, trophy, medal, baseball or award
  • For displaying a military flag, military medals, pins, and ribbons
  • Promoting commercial bills or advertisements outside of theaters or in lobbies
  • Wedding, travel, or competition memories such as photographs, tokens, or even sand
How are collectibles exhibits used?
  • Depending on the model, one can access the container from either a front hinged opening or from a rear opening
  • Place items in the display in a desired design or arrangement
  • Attach items to the sponge backboard using small pins or touch fastener strips
  • Hang the frame on a wall in either portrait or landscape orientation
Large Shadow Box Display Case

These frames present a variety of items in an easily customizable fashion. When used in home environments, a wide variety of items can be arranged and displayed inside each glass cabinet. Show off trips and vacations by hanging post cards, souvenirs, maps, or guides. Memorialize veterans or family members who have severed by proudly arranging military flags, military medals, an American flag, ribbons and more. Let a recent graduate know how proud you are by assembling their cap, gown, diploma, tassel, and cords. Present family memories and accomplishments such as sports trophies and medals or scout badges. Other sport related items such as a jersey, baseball, or certificate would also look great in this unit. This showcase produces endless options for creatively displaying collectibles!

When hung in commercial or public environments, these custom exhibits make it possible to promote and advertise a wide range of merchandise, events, and activities. For example, each unit has the ability to hold theatre posters, programs, drama faces, and other promotional items. This advertising fixture will capture passerby’s’ attention and help boast ticket sales. Malls, offices, and other retail settings can also use this unit for assembling advertising displays. The goal of such promotions is to stand out among the many other marketing materials targeting passing customers. This type of unique advertisement has the ability to generate additional sales by presenting customers with a noticeable and interesting mixed media display. In non-commercial settings, such as school hallways, teachers can easily hang student’s artwork to make fun and colorful bulletin boards. Each cabinet can be arranged with ribbons, streamers, boarders, and other elements to make an eye catching board. Teachers can also hang school projects such as essays, book reports, or even 3-dimensional projects such as dioramas.

Shadow Boxes for Wine Bottles & Other Collectibles

This military shadow box exhibit has many features and bonus additions. Each large collectibles cabinet is constructed with varying depths for use with a variety of objects. Whether the unit measures 2" or 4" deep, it is likely that you will find a size to fit all the collectibles you wish to promote! With viewable areas ranging from 24" x 36" and 36" x 48", these frames provide enough space for any and all projects. A sponge material covers the inside of each unit and accommodates pins. Additionally, this surface is made of hook & loop material. To place memorabilia, such as military medals, inside the custom frame, one must pin objects to the sponge surface or attach them using hook & loop touch fastener strips. In this way, valuables are easily removed from the cabinet without becoming damaged. Because this hanging shadow box exhibit does not require gluing or any other permanent form of attachment, it can be used over and over again, with varying themes of items. The unit comes with a selection of pins for immediate use; however these units accommodate a wide variety of pins. For safety and durability reasons, these shadow box cabinets feature tempered glass doors. For added security in commercial settings, some cases are equipped with magnetic locking doors. These doors come with two keys for convenient locking in retail or public environments. When hung on a wall, some units have the option of hanging vertically or horizontally, depending on the user’s preference.

There are two possible ways in which users can prop a large shadow box exhibit with supplies. Some frames feature a hinged door that swings open easily when unlocked. This door is equipped with small magnets that ensure a tight close. Simply open this door and arrange memorabilia in the desired design before closing and locking the hinged door again. Other custom frames feature a rear loading design. To place valuables inside of this shadow box frame, unlatch the back of the case and pull out the back panel. To shop many other styles of glass display cases, please see the Displays2go online catalog.

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