Retail Display Risers - Plastic and Metal Tabletop Shelving

Acrylic and Metal Risers Create Captivating Retail Displays

retail display risers

Want to feature merchandise with an interesting tabletop showcase? These retail display risers are ideal for elevating wares into customers' eyesight. Our selection of stands includes acrylic and metal fabrications with sleek finishes to make what you sell look good. Retail display risers are an excellent choice for any store looking to increase counter and shelving space. Jewelry, perfumes and specialty food items will pop out when placed on these modern fixtures. Retail display risers can also highlight cheaper products near the cash register to encourage impulse purchases. Our catalog consists of an assortment of different options to accommodate any shop.

What types of acrylic tabletop stand do we offer?
  • Our catalog of retail display risers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our simple nesting table sets are ideal for setting up interesting showcases where merchandise can be put into the spotlight. Place these holder over each other to create an attractive presentation or spread them out for a number of different fixtures.
  • We also offer acrylic display risers as a single unit, made of clear plastic with silver metal supports. These are great for accenting countertops with a place to sell impulse items and come in tiered designs to maximize merchandising space. Some models small holes for holding make, pastries and vape pens or larger slots for bottles of wine or cooking ingredients.
  • Another option is our line of countertop pedestals. Models in this style have a simple shape, resembling either a box or a stool. Choose one of these units for a straightforward solution to promoting merchandise. Some have a hollow bottom, allowing them to act as storage containers for holding products. For something larger, we also sell floor standing cardboard pedestals at an affordable price.
black countertop display risers

Looking for the right countertop shelving to match your décor? We offer tabletop display risers in a number of constructions and finishes. Our most popular fixtures by far are made of acrylic because they have a contemporary appearance that goes with any interior. These merchandisers look glassy and clean, creating a professional looking pedestal for your wares. Our best selling plastic models have a clear finish that gives customers full visibility of items on sale. In addition, sleek black plastic stands feature a neutral design that will match any location and product line. Store risers are also available as melamine and steel fabrications with more finish options. These come in a number of colors to complement with your business's theme, including black, white and natural maple.

How can tabletop risers best be used? Businesses often use them to raise items so that customers are more likely to see them. This is a simple and effective way to put accessories closer to eye level, where patrons will naturally look. There's no better way of saying "this is special" than giving an item its own pedestal! Countertop stands with a flat top are excellent for getting people to notice pastries, makeup and electronics that might normally not be seen. Riser sets are ideal for creating interesting arrangements that feature a number of wares. Overlap each fixture, organize them by height or spread them around the shop to sell your stock in exciting new ways. Models that feature an empty space underneath can be used to store merchandise below, not just on top, doubling your shelving space.

Get your counter pedestals quickly and affordably by ordering on All of these units benefit from fast shipping to help stock your company as soon as possible. Our wholesale pricing makes it easier to buy in bulk, fitting as many locations as needed. For more store fixtures with quick shipping and bulk pricing, browse our extensive catalog.