Shadow Box Cabinets - Locking Display Cases with Tempered Glass

Shadow Boxes with Shelves and Shadow Box Cabinets to Display Collectibles

shadow box cabinets

A hanging shadow box with shelves serves as a great style of cabinet for displaying valuable keepsakes, collectibles, collections of figurines, and many more items! Instead of letting your valued mementos and memorabilia collect dust in boxes, use a wall hanging exhibit to show them off to family and friends. Just what is a shadow box with shelves? These collectibles display cases prominently showcase a wide variety of items in a manner that is both attractive and safe. Because the items that go in these cases are often very valuable, many may not wish to leave them out in homes or public places. These shadow box cabinets, however, allow for the displaying of collectibles in a secure case. Hang this exhibit in any public or private settings and trust that the valuables will be safe under lock and key. These shadow box shelves, also called display cases, appear similar to many picture frames or curio cabinets. However, these products are differentiated by many important features. Exhibits, such as these displays, have a greater depth than many frames. In fact, some of these cases feature depths of up to 4”. This depth allows for the placement of figurines, coins, models, and other 3-dimensional objects. Other photo frames only accommodate thin items such as photography. Next, these hanging showcases feature a hook & loop backboard for easily attaching items. Lastly, each unit includes shelves for placing mementos!

What are the important features of these display cases?
  • Shadow box cabinets include multiple shelves for placing collectibles
  • Locking door to keep items safe and dust-free
  • Tempered glass throughout for durability and safety of valued objects
  • Hook & loop backboard for attaching items
  • Wall mounting hardware
  • Decorative border in multiple finishes
  • 2"-4" Depth for figurines and models
  • Removable shelves for larger items
What do these tempered glass display cases hold?
  • Figurines: porcelain dolls and angels
  • Models: cars, trains, planes
  • Sports Memorabilia: balls, hats, bats
  • Military Items: medals, flags, ribbons
  • Collections: thimbles, spoons, coins, shot glasses, vintage collectibles
shadow box cabinets

If you are looking for a curio cabinet or exhibit to showcase your collections, then look no further! Unlike a picture frame, these products feature racks to hold these collections in a way that will not damage them. One is not required to pin or glue objects into the unit. Simply place an item onto a shelf! Small porcelain angels or dolls may be stood or sat on each level of the displays. Place sports collectibles such as balls or hats into the unit, or simply lay a baseball bat down across the glass ledge. Small collections of items, like shot glasses, coins, thimbles, or spoons can also be easily placed in the exhibit. Users can also use touch fastener strips to attach items to the backboard of the showcase. This functionality is ideal for photographs or small objects. Each shelf in the unit is removable for the displaying of larger objects. In fact, the case features a 5-3/4" shelf clearance. This clearance can easily be extended by removing a glass ledge or two. To display military memorabilia such as flags and medals, one can attach small items to the backboard, place medium items on a shelf, or remove one or more shelves to accommodate a larger object.

These showcases include many special features that make them ideal for use with valuable collections in home and commercial environments. First, each unit is equipped with a front swinging door that locks! These wall curio cabinets are often used to display valuable objects; therefore, it is important that the displays provide a defense against theft. Second, these showcases feature tempered glass on the door and shelves. This type of glass provides durability and safety. In case of an accident, the tempered glass will shatter into small harmless pieces that will not damage the vintage memorabilia inside the case. Next, each display case comes with (5) or (7) shelves. These ledges are ideal for holding many sizes and types of collectibles. Each shelf may also be removed to accommodate mementos of different sizes. Each hanging picture display for a shot glass or model plane also includes a black hook & loop backboard. This material allows for the attaching of small objects like vintage thimbles. This backboard allows for endless propping ideas! Furthermore, these cases feature attractive exteriors, decorative borders, and even a cherry finish! Lastly, this deep picture frame, curio cabinet comes equipped for vertical wall mounting. Depending on the unit’s size, it will either have pre-attached wall hanging brackets or come with L-brackets and screws for mounting. In many ways, these exhibits are similar to wall curio cabinets. Both units are designed for the displaying of themed objects that are of an artistic or personal significance. What sets this particular display case with shelves apart is their touch fastener back, tempered glass door and shelves, and superior quality. To find a wide selection of showcase cabinets, please continue to browse the Displays2go online catalog.

shadow box cabinets

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