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CD, LP & Record Frames | Wall Mount and Tabletop

Record Album Frames - The Best Way to Display Your Favorite Music is with a Vinyl Record Case

Album and LP frames are a popular way to showcase your personal music interests. The vinyl record or CD frame can be showcased with a portrait or landscape orientation. Frames come in plastic, MDF, aluminum and wood with multiple finishes. Aluminum silver framing highlight the photo and will match any décor around the house or office. The MDF frame is a simplistic border that will also fit in any environment perfectly.

CD & Cover Frame with Photo Mat Medium density fiberboard (MDF) is a high grade, composite material that in many areas performs better than solid wood. Made from recycled wood fibers and resin, the fiberboard is machine dried to produce dense, stable sheets. Being water resistant, it is great for humid areas like places with warm weather or inside the bathroom. MDF actually requires less level of care and maintenance. Another reason people prefer MDF is that with all of its great attributes it is a better value. Solid wood is not readily available and larger units can become extremely expensive. Most customers prefer Displays2go over competitors because of the great quality and reasonable pricing.

The white beveled edge mats are cut using the latest technology in computerized mat cutting equipment. This makes for a really professional look to really complement vintage albums, CDs and LPs.

Purchase CD and LP frames from Display2go. The low price points make them the ideal gift for the record collector in the family. 1.5mm Glass will keep your photos and albums in perfect condition so that they will always look great and retain their value. Each vinyl record case has a modern look that accentuates your vintage album covers. Use them in the living room, bedroom, hallway, home office, regular office or recording studio. Vintage records area great conversation starter. Vinyl Record Frame with Photo Mat

How are these vinyl record frames commonly used?
  • Use CD and LP frames to display favorite records or Compact discs.
  • Showcase the album covers or CD art.
  • Easy-to-use backing clips to replace artwork.
  • Create collages with multiple frames.
  • Frames come with beveled mats to turn LP frames into personal photo frames.
  • Record and CD frames can be portrait or landscape oriented.
Vinyl LP Frame

Not only are these cases incredibly popular with collectors, they are also often used in commercial settings. Record shops will use these displays to showcase their most expensive items. Hanging an album on the wall makes it much more visible. Music (especially Rock and Roll) themed restaurants like to use LP frames to fill up wall space and show off some classic vinyls. These frames can even be found in retail stores like Newbury Comics or FYE!

The stock push clips on the backing make it simple to change out what's in the frame. Another great feature of having clips is the flexibility they allow when the frame is being hung. Move the clips anywhere around the frame easily by sliding them across the edge. Feel free to remove the mats completely to fit a larger picture in the holder.

What are some standard features of these frames?
  • Every CD and LP album display has a 1/8” drilled hole on the backing and plastic faster to hold the CD or vinyl record.
  • Included with every frame is an extra mat to transform it into a personal photo album.
  • Some frames allow collectors to show the disc and album cover side by side.