Knock Down Slatwall Displays - Single Sided

Single Sided Knock Down Slatwall Displays in Natural Wood Colors

Slatwall knock down displays are the perfect solution for department store retailers and convenience stores. These displays allow you to fully customize the amount of peg hooks on the board. This provides users several advantages of standard retail peg hook displays. By changing the amount of peg hooks, users can create much more space for displaying larger inventory items. Looking for these displays to match your store? This display features a melamine finish, but can easily be painted over. Try painting a logo at the top or using a color scheme that matches the rest of your store. The options are endless!

Promotional Items

Another great benefit is how easy it is to take down and put away for storage. Retailers often find floor space pretty cramped with displays. With seasonality, store fixture setups are often changing. Many products or items being sold in the spring may not be sold come fall. Vendors may also offer trial and limited time promotional products, therefore displays may not be needed at all time. A customizable slatwall stand is easy to setup and customize. Place a specific amount of peg hooks to accomodate the new item and take the stand back down as soon as the promotion ends.The pieces all fold flat so they can easily be placed in a storage unit or closet.

Different length and color peg hooks are available to match products or the custom finish you put on your slatwall stand. The beauty of these displays is that you can also mix and match lengths and sizes of hooks on the same unit. The footer also comes out to add additional storage for items to be left loose on the bottom. With so many different options it's easy for these plywood stands to be effectively used in any retail setting!