Religious Lecterns - Cross Podiums & Pulpits

Podiums with Crosses, Crucifixes & Religious Symbols

Modern & Traditional Cross Lecterns

Are you buying a podium with a religious application in mind? You've come to the right place! These cross podiums & religious lecterns come in both modern and traditional designs, so any church or house of worship can find a suitable model. Each minister podium features either a crucifix or other religious insignia on the front, which helps get your message across and looks fantastic at the same time. Christian churches, Jewish temples, and other religious centers frequently use lecterns as a speaking platform. Buying a design that already has the necessary religious symbol on it saves time. While custom-designed podiums can be tailored with specific religious insignia, these cross lecterns are a much more affordable option. Affordability is especially appreciated since most churches and religious organizations are non-profits operating on very fixed budgets. Save yourself some time and money with one of these religious lecterns!