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iPad Accessories - Chargers & Kensington Locks

iPad Accessories - Tablet Charging Carts & Kensington Security Locks

Smart devices and tablets are incredible amenities to schools, hospitals, businesses, and stores today - but without the proper add-on’s, these devices can be inconvenient to operate in a public environment. iPad accessories, like charging cabinets, locks, and other mounting hardware, make use of these devices as easy and efficient as possible! Check out the fixtures available here today!

A popular choice in iPad accessories, tablet charging carts are essential pieces of mobile storage and powering equipment. Great for schools and offices, these rolling charge carts can hold up to 36 iPads at once. Similar iPad accessories are also available to hold any laptops, notebooks, or Chromebooks you may have! Administrators can trust that their valued tech will stay safe in these locking laptop charging stations. And they won’t have to worry about overheating, because many cabinets feature ventilated sides! Simply wheel the carts from class to class, or office to office, knowing your devices are safe and protected.

There are many other iPad accessories on the market for securing touch screen devices in public settings. For example, Kensington locks are a great alternative to your typical locking case or stand! Instead of placing their iPad in an unattractive frame to secure it, users can attach one end of the Kensington lock right to their tablet and the other end to any permanent fixture in their store or office. Rest assured, your tablets and laptops will stay protected when used with these fixtures.