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iPad Kensington Locks & Security Accessories

iPad Kensington Security Locks to Keep Your Tablets Safe

Are you using a tablet in a public place and want to protect it, without using a big and bulky case? Try out an iPad Kensington lock to secure your device while providing some peace of mind. These tablet accessories are built with a slim, unimposing design, making them ideal for use on retail checkout counters or café tables. Your customers can browse product lines or new menu you selections, and you can rest assured that your expensive device is safe from theft.

A great alternative to more expensive security displays, each iPad Kensington lock features a very long cable with a locking device on the end and 2 keys for locking. To lock a tablet in a public place, loop the cable around a heavy or permanent object and then attach the locking end to your iPad! It’s as simple as that. These iPad Kensington locks and accessories are essential for preventing theft or tampering in public or retail environments. While some of these cable-style bolts attach directly to the tablet to secure it, some locks are available with compatible tablet cases.