Slatwall Counter Displays

Countertop Slatwall Displays for Accessory Hooks & More

If you’re looking for a multifaceted and unique tabletop store fixture, look no further than this awesome slatwall counter display selection! These slat-lined products may be smaller than their wall hanging or floor standing counterparts but, believe us, they pack a punch when it comes to displaying accessories, jewelry, souvenirs, impulse items, and much, much more! Some of the most sought after slatwall counter display options are our 4-sided spinner cubes and 2-sided flat panel stands. But no matter the shape, just place the small fixture of a store counter or tabletop to hold a wide variety of merchandise with ease! As an added bonus, these fixtures are compatible with standard slatwall accessories. Easily add small hooks for holding jewelry or packaged items, or hangers for scarves and necklaces. Not sure if slatwall is the best display choice for your business? Try out these smaller versions before committing to a larger, more expensive unit! You won’t regret it!