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Play Mats and Flooring for School and Daycare

Rest mats for playrooms in soft foam

Playroom Flooring and Interlocking Mats— Waterproof and Kid-Safe

How can you create a safe learning environment for small children? Our play mats and flooring crafted specially for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners are a great place to start. These colorful and durable playroom accessories are constructed of 2” furniture-density foam that supports resting tots at nap time. At 12.3 lbs. each, play mats and flooring for daycare centers are lightweight alternatives to conventional sleeping cots. Crafted in bright primary colors, these soft foam early learning center accessories brighten any play area or classroom. Our child size play mats and flooring collection is thoughtfully designed with the child in mind. Each fixture has a clear label for their name so germs are less likely to be transferred the way they usually are when equipment is shared. Children learn to take responsibility for their things when their names are on them! Teachers can ask their students to get their rest mats at nap time, and put them away afterward, which inspires cooperation. Free of toxins, this padding puts safety first. Make nap time fun by giving kids their own cushioned bed to sleep on that they can be responsible for.

What properties make these classroom accessories so appealing to teachers and parents?
  • Play mats and flooring are sold in sets of five happy colors including green, yellow, blue, red, and purple.
  • Each of these foam beds is GREENGUARD-certified and made of materials that are free of toxins so kids have a safe place to rest their heads.
  • Store and transport cots for the entire class with our compatible blue steel rest mat trolley with six locking casters. GREENGUARD-certified, this cart supports (20) two-inch or (40) one-inch pads.
  • Mats are waterproof to repel spills and accidents typical of tots and children.
Interlocking mats and flooring for daycare

In addition to foam sleeping cots designed to be used on the floor, how else can you create kid-safe school and daycare environment? Our interlocking mats and flooring come in a wide array of styles and finishes. Teachers will appreciate the anti-fatigue foam construction designed to reduce stress on legs that stand all day. This floor padding comes in a wide array of beautiful finishes, including faux wood grain finishes, as well as checkerboard red and black, or in solid gray, red, black, or blue. This flooring is lightweight and portable. Each 2’x2’ tile is easy to carry and put together. Got a dreary space to work with? Cover it up using interlocking tiles made of EVA foam.

A hundred percent toxin- and odor-free, this kid-safe flooring for learning and play keeps kids healthy while supporting their activities. The tiles fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, and they are fun to put together. Buy one set to decorate a 10’x10’ space, or buy a bunch for larger spaces like student gyms — you’ll save when you order in bulk. This comfortable flooring is water, oil, and stain-resistant so children can work on their art projects, eat lunch, and enjoy myriad other activities without worrying about wear and tear. Our interlocking mats and flooring are easy on the environment, too — constructed from recycled material blended with polymer binding agents.

Shop our larger line of daycare wares in cheerful kid-friendly colors and durable materials at Displays2go. When it comes to children, products that keep them safe and comfortable while they are learning and playing in your classroom are key! Order supplies in bulk to save, and enjoy fast shipping on most in-stock items.