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Corrugated Cardboard Countertop Displays | CD, DVD, & POP Merchandise

Corrugated Cardboard Countertop Displays -Affordable Retail Counter Top Merchandising

Cardboard DisplaysCardboard countertop displays are an affordable way to showcase merchandise in your retail store. These displays fold flat so they are easy to store and put away when not in use. Buy these corrugated fixtures in bulk for very low prices. These cheap countertop fixtures hold feature various styles to hold different types of items, or to be used as ballot boxes. Need an affordable way to increase POP sales? These cardboard countertop displays are exactly what your store needs!

Why are these countertop store fixtures ideal for retail?
  • Affordability is key when advertising in retail. These fixtures are about as affordable as it gets, and easily replaceable when they become to worn down.
  • The simple designs of these displays prevent from detracting attention from the actual merchandise. Retailers don't want the display fixtures to be fancier than their product.
  • Countertop space is valuable, therefore using these displays with a small footprint makes it easy to conserve valuable space.

Cardboard displays are the optimal product when you are looking for a cheap and temporary display. Cardboard displays, also known as cheap displays, ship flat and are folded into shape when you acquire them. Corrugated store fixtures are a popular preference when people are running a temporary promotion or special, and they want to spend a small amount on the displays. Cheap displays, like corrugated displays, are not designed to last forever, but are rugged enough that they can last various months. Cardboard showcases are available in various styles, to accommodate many sized materials. Buy cheap displays online for fast service and competitive pricing. The cheap displays on this page are counter displays, designed to hold brochures and magazines.

In addition to the counter corrugated displays on this page, we have various other styles available. We have floorstanding cardboard brochure holders, and other countertop displays, such as ballot boxes. A counter display, like the brochure displays on this page, sit on a desk, counter or other raised surface. Floorstanding corrugated displays, include a base or legs so they can be displayed on your sales floor. Whether you are looking for counter displays or floor displays, we most likely have the brochure holders and literature displays you need.

In addition to cheap displays and corrugated displays, we have various other styles of retail displays & store fixtures. Some of the most popular retail merchandise available other than a counter display, are display cases, wood merchandising displays and gridwall fixtures. We are the largest stock display manufacturer and distributor in the country. We have various thousand unique skus that are in stock and ready to ship. Our warehouse contains hundreds of thousands of display units that are available for same day shipping. Place your order online or call us at 1-800-572-2194 Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:30 EST.