Acrylic & Metal Light Boxes In Many Sizes and Functions

Light Boxes & Movie Posters Offered in Several Styles

Light box displays, light panels hold graphics with thin edge lit framing. Some of the LED units offered here feature a profile of less than an inch. Movie theaters are known for using movie poster light boxes indoors & outdoors to present upcoming movies. When placed in a waiting room or retail store, these poster light boxes provide a backlit image holder that stands out from the wall. Promotional graphics will be noticed by your customers in these illuminated displays. These light boxes are intended for commercial use by businesses and companies that want to add the element of light to everyday marketing and advertising signage. Many corporations spend thousands of dollars on print advertisements. Turn ordinary signage into eye-catching displays with these thin framed light boxes! When placed outdoors, these exterior rated displays will make passersby stop and notice. These illuminated panels, light boxes are available in many sizes and thin profile styles. This is an innovative line that features backlit & edgelit lighting. These display light boxes add life to otherwise normal displays. Brighten any retail environment, giving prints, photos or translucent graphics the ability to stand out! These light boxes are great displays for retail stores, malls, airports, pubs and entertainment venues. We offer illuminated poster holders for various uses including menu systems, POP signs and directories.

Floor Standing Slatwall Racks

These light boxes are very popular lighted sign displays because they are priced affordably and easy to use. The fixtures sold here are not however, intended for therapy or any other medical use. Because of the illuminated feature, these light boxes never go unnoticed. Lightbox panels make graphics come alive with bright lighting, attracting more attention from potential customers. Unlike traditional sign holders and poster displays, these light boxes and edgelit panels have more than ample illumination to be seen even in some of the brightest environments!

These sign panels, lightboxes are available in several sizes to ensure that there is a frame that fits most any need. Shopping for indoor promotional products? We offer a full spectrum of light boxes in a variety of styles & colors. Thin LED light boxes with snap frames offer a functional, user-friendly design. These floor standing edge lit sign stands work great in lobbies or entry ways. Whichever style of light box you choose, our light boxes are designed to get your ads noticed! There are also custom backlit posters that fit most of these thin light box units!

To fit every budget, there are ultra thin light boxes and custom backlit posters offered here which are among the most competitively priced on the market. Have custom graphics and posters printed here! In addition to these illuminated displays, there is also a large selection of retail, trade show and point of purchase displays online. This website features thousands of products in-stock, ready to ship.

    Where are light boxes commonly seen?
  • These light box displays are popular for framing movie posters or prints. Restaurants use this illuminated lightbox display to advertise a menu or dinner special.
  • These edge lit frames are often seen in airports advertising car rentals, hotels, and other services.

  • What type of light source is used with each lightbox display?
  • Some of these units utilize LED, (light emitting diode) technology as the primary light source.
  • There are also traditional fluorescent lighting fixtures available.
  • There are pros and cons to both light box methods, for further information contact a customer service specialist.

Do you have any questions or comments? There is a lightbox comparison page that lists the different options so that shoppers can make an enlightened selection. For further details please contact us through the live chat available Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm EST. Our customer service team is prepared, and well-trained to answer all business inquiries. As a leading manufacturer of illuminated displays, and edge lit panels it is our intent to offer the most diverse product line, with the latest technology, at affordable prices, with the fastest shipping options. We strive to provide outstanding service and support to all customers. Take advantage of the amazing same day shipping policy; 98% of in-stock order requests processed by 2PM EST weekdays, ship the same day! This website is the nation's #1 online choice for affordable, quality display products.