Retail Counters: Black Melamine Retail Displays

Retail counters are available in many sizes, styles, colors and intended functions. Black retail counters are used to create retail store configurations in many environments. The many styles of retail counters offered allow customers to create their own cash wrap configurations. Some of the retail counters feature tempered glass to showcase products, while other counters are solid melamine, providing storage area for retail associates. These retail counters, also known as store counters, are a very smart preference for small business owners, because of their durable construction and affordable price tag.

These retail counters designed to be used in a retail store or other commercial location. Some other ideas for uses of these counters integrate displaying: jewelry in a jewelry store; watches, handbags, makeup or perfume in a department store; candy in a movie theater; sports memorabilia or a trophy collection in a school or business lobby; souvenirs in a gift shop; or fine china, glassware, or other antiques in an antique or consignment shop. These are just some of the uses of these retail counters. Your imagination or the specific needs of your business is sure to offer many more possibilities for these counters.

Some of the retail counters offered integrate 4', 5' and 6' glass display showcases (available either assembled or unassembled for your convenience). A corner unit is optimal as an angle piece in a configuration. We offer two register stand style retail counters; one is solid melamine, the other features a glass window area to display merchandise. Our solid cash counters are available in 4' or 6' lengths, and with or without a ledge top. Most of these retail counters (except for the fully assembled retail counters) ship out today if you order before 1pm EST!

The counters are crafted from melamine panels, instead of real wood, providing a much more affordable store fixture choice. Melamine looks like real wood, and stands up very nicely in high-traffic environments without the high cost of real wood. Glass display showcases, retail counters feature tempered glass and all the retail counters have plastic feet. Extrusions on the glass retail counters are constructed from anodized aluminum, rather than the cheap plastic that many other counters feature.

Displays2Go is a leading supplier of retail displays. Our full store fixture line includes trophy cases, wall-mount cabinet displays, curio cabinets, retail signage, clothing racks, cardboard display fixtures and more. We also offer these retail counters in cherry and honey maple finishes, if those would better complement your current retail décor. Start shopping our extensive selection of retail display products today!