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Outdoor Signs with Water-Filled Bases

These sidewalk signs, outdoor signs can be filled with either sand or water. The outdoor signs are designed with high-impact springs at the base. These springs add to the weather resistant quality that makes these outdoors signs capable of withstanding strong winds and other weather conditions. The outdoor signs protect your poster or sign with plastic lenses. The WBWS2030 and WBWS3040 sidewalk signs are built with weatherproof gaskets that seal out water and moisture.

The pavement signs, sidewalk poster frames and other outdoor signs in the product line utilize snap frames on either side. Snap frames are the simplest sign loading mechanism in the industry-Just snap open, place in your poster and plastic overlay, and snap shut. From our warehouse, you can buy outdoor signs with satin aluminum frames to accent your featured sign. The outdoor signs are sidewalk signs ideal for outdoor businesses or strip malls. Wheels are built in underneath the base so you can roll the pavement signs to and from locations. We sell the outdoor signs in 3 sizes. Choose which choice is the best fit for you.

Moreover the outdoor signs we sell in this series, we stock hundreds of poster stands in our warehouse. Start advertising indoors and outdoors with products from our endless selection of products.