Extra Large Format Snap Frames for Posters

Oversized Snap Frames for Large Format Graphics & Ads

These large format frames are sure to catch customer attention! Their large size is sure to have a large impact, even from afar! These poster holders, large format frames are optimal for displaying large format signs, posters and advertisements. These large format frames are designed for wall mounting. Each of these large format frames can be mounted vertically or horizontally, depending on your sign or advertisement. We supply these large format frames with the necessary hanging hardware for added convenience.

These large format frames are optimal examples of contemporary display frames. Our large format frames, like our snap-open sign holders and display stands, feature snap-open edges. These poster frames also feature a clear overlay, made from PVC plastic. The overlay not only protects your artwork, but it is also anti-glare, ensuring that nothing will hinder the visibility or your artwork or advertisements. The snap-open edges of the large format frames allow you to quickly change your graphics, all without having to remove your frame from the wall. To change your graphics, simply snap open all four sides, and place your graphic behind the clear overlay. Snap down the four edges to once again secure your graphic.

We offer these large format frames in addition to our large selection of snap-open display frames. Poster holders, sign frames, and other large format frames can all be found in our main category of visual art framing accessories. Not sure if you'll need a large format frame? We also have many other sizes of poster frames and picture frames to choose from.