Wire Slatwall Baskets

Wire Slatwall Baskets & Attachments

These wire slatwall baskets hold loose merchandise, bulk small objects, magazines & newspapers and much more. The fixtures are great for accessorizing any existing display. These wire baskets and racks fit on all your existing slot wall panels without any tools, adhesives or hardware. Just slide the holders into your panel and presto! These slatwall fixtures are ready to display your objects. Because they are so simple to use, retailers can change the display around at any time. Fixtures, such as metal displayers and bulk bins, are a very popular marketing tool.

The wire slatwall baskets are ideal for samples or small bulk objects such as travel toiletries. The rugged and economical wire fixture allows the customer to have a full view of the products. Buy one or a few fixtures to sprinkle in your store and see your sales rise. These fixtures, also known as slot wall displayers, are very popular in grocery stores, clothing retail shops, sport stores, gift shops and much more.

If you are interested on a fixture that is economical, flexible and efficient, look no further! Magazine & newspaper racks, slatwall fixtures are your respond. These display fixtures can be use on a slat wall or hung on a wall. The wire exhibits the entire front of the magazine. Customers love browsing before committing to buy a periodical. Lets them see your selection, these slatwall fixtures are ideal in supermarkets, newspaper stands, bookstores & convenience stores to name a few.

In addition, these slat wall fixtures can be combined with any of our slot wall accessories to add variety to any display. Mix and match styles, colors and finishes for an appealing looking display. Displays2go offers a complete line of slot wall accessories like assorted bins and containers. Combine any of these accessories to dress up a slot wall display. Our selection includes stand-alone towers, panels, retail displays, hooks, face outs and etc. Since 1974, Displays2go specializes in producing & distributing quality retail, trade show & pop displays at an affordable price. We supply over 7000 products that you can buy directly from our warehouse. Buy online today!