Slatwall Sign & Poster Holders

Slatwall Sign Holder - Perfect for Promotion & Sale Posters

These slatwall holders are an economical and efficient way to promote, advertise or enlightened. The slat hook attaches to any slot wall fixtures without any tools or adhesive. These holders are a ideal display for signs, posters, banners, photos or graphics. The clear plexiglass or the banner rails allow for a clear view of your message.

The applications are unlimited. These message displays, slatwall holders are the optimal complement for a slat wall brochure holder or a memorabilia display. Promote your ideas or list the specials on your retail store. Slatwall holders are so simple to use you can move them, change them or reposition them in a minute! Imagine having a complete new look in just a few minutes, great value!

These slatwall holders, also known as slot wall poster frames, are very popular in malls, kiosks, vestibules, schools, supermarkets and much more. Sign and banner slatwall holders draw attention to your slot wall wire products and acrylic accessories. Customers, now more than ever, are very conscience about the contents and properties of the merchandise they purchase. These slatwall holders display any messages in a clear and practical way to your customers. Incite potential customer to try your objects. Add a "FREE SAMPLE" sign next to one of our slotwall bins and see them fly out the door.

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