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Donation & Collection Boxes for Charity Fundraising Displays

Donation & Charity Boxes and Jars Encourage Fundraising for Churches, Schools & Non-Profits

donation jars are ideal for collecting and fundraising in schools Looking to increase to contributions to a charity, or fundraising for a specific event or cause? Try using a donation box to increase funds! Placing collection boxes in high traffic areas can quickly increase the amount of offerings given to a specific cause. Use the sign holders to label charities that the money will go towards and advertise locations of clothing & furniture drops. A well placed sign for a goodwill center can prompt people to donate not just money, but clothes and perishables as well. Many of these donation cans feature room for signage, so users can list a specific cause or event on the outside of these jars. There are many different areas where a coin collection box can be effectively used to help any charity drive. Utilize the various styles of charity boxes we offer to maximize any fundraising efforts.

What different styles of tip boxes are available?

  • Countertop - Ideal to place near cash registers or on desks
  • Wall Mount - Work well near doors and crowded entrances/exits
  • Floor Standing - Place floor standing models in busy lobbies
  • Donation Jars - Great for collecting and fundraising on the go

collection boxes include space for signage to promote a cause Have a school fundraiser? This site offers a variety of different collection boxes to meet your needs. A charity box or coin donation jar is ideal for increasing funds! Have people drop change and small bills in as they walk by people collecting in high traffic areas. People on the go are often times the best ones to ask for spare change! If 100 people walk by over the course of an hour and each give a quarter, that’s already $25 raised! One of the keys to fundraising is to advertise the cause that you are trying to collect money for. With a signage slot available on many of these signs it gives users a chance to tell people exactly what their money is going towards, making clear acrylic donation boxes more effective. A person is much more likely to be will to part with their money if a cause is clearly outlined on the donation box.

Many different materials are available of this money collection box to match any type of décor! These charity boxes are offered in countertop, wall mounting and floor standing models. Construction includes wood, acrylic and metal! See-through collection boxes are available as well as non-translucent displays. There is an even wider selection available in the main charity and tip boxes category.

a charity box works well for churches and schools Looking for something a little more exciting that can get people really fired up about giving to a good cause? Try our game-style fundraising displays. This site offers prize drop style countertop and floor-standing displays! Each of these displays has room for signage at the top. When coins are dropped in the make a loud “plinking” sound that can be heard over numerous people and help draw in crowds. When people are having fun making contributions, it’s easier to get even more people to participate. Fundraising with a game-style board is an easy way to get a lot of contributions in a short period of time.

Plenty of other fundraising tools are available on this site as well. Check out the selection of prize wheels, raffle drums and prize drop game boards. Set up a “pay-to-play” game where people can win donated prizes, and money can be raised for a specific cause. As mentioned previously, games help draw in crowds, and a large crowd is the quickest way to maximize money coming in.

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