LED TV Stands With Shelves

LED TV Stands w/ Shelves for Laptops & Media Players

TV Stand w/ Wood Shelf

Where are these LED TV stands commonly seen? These plasma mounts are used for a variety of different applications including; trade shows, retail stores, waiting rooms, and even home use. These LED TV stands, flat panel racks utilize either a single or multiple shelves to help personalize the display. These shelves are attached to the LCD mount fixture using a few different methods that will securely hold whatever merchandise are placed onto the shelf or shelves. DVD players, pamphlets, video game systems, and cable boxes are just some of the many merchandise that are ideal for use on these LED TV stands. Many of these plasma mounts feature wheels that enable the user to relocate the unit whenever necessary. Additionally, all of these LED TV stands come with a VESA bracket that holds a specified LCD screen size. With these mounts there is never any uncertainty as to whether or not your plasma television will fit on the display.

Great for Conference RoomsSome of these LED TV stands and LCD TV racks feature glass bases that beautifully accentuate any location they are placed in. There are also plasma mounts that have aluminum bases in black or silver that blends in readily with any decor. Monitor stands, LCD mounts, and other plasma TV furniture come with a variety of spacers, washers and screws to fit most 32" to 42" televisions. Though this hardware will work with most flat panel televisions, some may require specific screws that can be purchased at a local hardware store. Many of these LED TV stands feature tilting mounts that allow the user to angle a plasma or LCD television to provide the best view. These adjustable brackets are especially helpful for those customers that are using these fixtures at a trade show to customize the display for each audience member.

LED TV Stand for Trade ShowsThis LED TV stand has endless display possibilities that will benefit any retailer, business, or individual user. Medical offices use this plasma furniture to mount a flat screen television to provide entertainment for patients waiting to be serviced. Additionally, hospitals and other medical offices use this LED TV stand to display important patient information regarding their health. The assortment of LCD entertainment centers for home use featured here contains many fixtures with glass shelves. The glass shelves on this LED TV stand are quality thick glass that can support multiple electronic components with no issues. If floor space is inadequate, and this selection of plasma mounts isn't going to satisfy the need at hand; there is an impressive selection of LCD wall mounts offered here as well.

Are there any supplemental hardware items required for production of this LED TV stand?
  • All of the plasma mounts sold here come with the necessary screws needed to mount an LCD monitor to the display.
  • Production of this LED TV stand is minimal and can be accomplished by one person with little effort.
  • There are some exceptions, such as certain plasma television models that require specific hardware.
What are some of the other advantageous features to this LED TV stand?
  • The plasma furniture featured above have removable accessories that help to promote a product or service.
  • This LED TV stand have thick glass shelves to allow for displaying promotional literature or other electronic equipment.
  • The design of these LCD fixtures is very sleek, allowing them to be used in lieu of plasma wall mounts or other bulky entertainment centers.

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