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Bulletin Boards | Cork Boards & Dry Erase Boards

Bulletin Boards, Cork Boards & Dry Erase Boards

Bulletin Boards Bulletin boards come with various choices of designs for presentations and displaying important messages or information in school classrooms and business. These cork boards include enclosed/open face corkboards, wet/dry erase boards, and A-frame boards. This collection of bulletin board supplies, letter & dry erase boards is sure to satisfy any display needs. Bulletin boards, such as enclosed display boards, are ideal for a school, classroom, university or community center. Bulletin board supplies here include products of various designs that can fit all your needs. These cork boards have a reusable surface for tacking or posting memos, schedules, want-ads or miscellaneous information. Bulletin boards supplies, such as secured floor standing cork boards are for posting in public areas where you don't want the contents disturbed. Fabric covered corkboards are decorative and practical. Outdoor enclosed bulletin boards are ideal for a weather resistant method to get your message out.

    What kinds of designs do these bulletin board supplies have?

  • Bulletin boards have rolling doors with locks in order to prevent damages.
  • Framed & fabric covered presentation board features high quality frames that made of aluminum and oak.
  • Dry erase boards, including chalk boards and whiteboard, are convenient to use in schools and offices.
  • Letter signs, such as sidewalk signs, are great for promoting your business.

bulletin board suppliesPresentation boards, including cork boards, come with various kinds of designs that can perfectly fit all your needs. Indoor cork boards, as well as outdoor message board supplies are great display tools for delivering messages to organizations or the public. This corkboards has sliding glass doors that can protect important information from water, oil and any other unexpected damages. The open face cork boards are also a great fit for indoor use, such as offices, schools and classrooms. These enclosed corkboards, and other fabric classroom board, also comes with different choices of background color in order to fit for the environment. Great quality and eye-catching color fabric covered boards can draw people’s attention. These tackboard supplies, such as swing open cork boards, can be used outdoor for the public. These glass door display boards have locking system that can protect flyers from all kinds of unexpected damages.

    How should you hang your display boards?

  • First, it depends on the weight and size of your corkboards and the items you plan to pin on it.
  • Second, make sure the wall you are hanging it on stays in tact.
  • Adhesives would work and prevent nail holes if the board is small and light weight.
  • The sturdiest way is to hang it with mount hardware in order to ensure it stays in place and do the least damage to your walls.

message boardsCombination boards with chalkboard, marker board or corkboard surfaces allow for dual display capabilities. Users can also use them as an information center in your building or facility or even at a church Sunday school. Information centers are an economical and efficient method of displaying messages. Information boards come in a variety of styles, and sizes to blend with any décor. These newer units have brochure pockets which allow users to advertise as well as offer take home material. We are proud to offer one of the largest selections of information boards on the internet. We have a large array of sizes with designs that are bound to suit almost any décor, purpose or budget.

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