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Church Pulpits, Lecterns & Podiums for Sale Online

From traditional church pulpits to portable desktop podiums and even clear acrylic stands, this site features the largest selection of church lecterns available online. Podiums have a variety of uses, including church furniture, banquet presentations, and college lectures. These church pulpits, also called lecterns or podiums, are a necessity for a school, church or hotel. No matter the occasion, units such as these are the only choice for speech furniture.

An elegant wood podium or wooden lecturn commands a noble presence. Treat presenters to a high quality wood podium like those found in churches, schools, hotels, and convention centers. A solid wood podium or wooden veneer stand offers the traditional look and feel favored by corporate presidents, professors and clergy. Podiums with laminate finishes are an economical alternative to solid wood lecterns without sacrificing the traditional appearance. Wood podiums, wooden lecterns are available in a variety of styles and sizes.

Acrylic podiums for sale here are some of the best available online. Because of our experience as an acrylic display manufacturer, this company has the knowledge, experience and tools to make the best acrylic podiums. From a simple traditional podium to a modern "M" design acrylic podium, clear podiums appear to take up no space giving the illusion of a larger room. This acrylic podium, plexiglass pulpit will look great at your business meetings, motivational speeches, tradeshow events even formal weddings. A clear plexiglass lectern, acrylic podium is sure to enhance any stage or lecture space.

This large selection of vintage and contemporary podiums features several specialty designs. Desktop podiums, portable lecterns and presentation stands are ideal for smaller venues & stages, seminars or traveling lecturers. A desktop podium will turn any table into the perfect platform for a speech or presentation. A portable podium is perfect for lecturers continuously on the move. Multimedia lecterns offer space for modern gadgets like laptop computers, tablets, media players, projectors and AV equipment, which make them great for classroom use. There are even a few music stands for conductors and concert directors.

A stage podium can go by several names, so it's important that customers can identify all the different associated terms. They are sometimes called "lecterns" and "public speaking stands". Many times, people use a more general sense of the word that really describes the entire stage area from which a presentation is given. "Rostrums" and "pulpits" are a couple of examples. Just know that whatever your public speaking needs are, we have the solutions right here!

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