Wall Display Cases Feature Adjustable Shelving and Interior Lights

Wall display case filled with beauty spa extracts and vitamins

Spotlight Supplies, Merchandise, or Collectibles with Wall Display Cases

What type of cabinet fixture saves floor space but still comes with the features you'd expect from a high quality showcase? Wall display cases boast the same styling and options as their floor-standing cousins. Featuring three kinds of models, our hanging cabinet selection offers something for everyone from the business professional to the retail store owner. Wall display cases may not come with as much real estate space floor-standing models do, but they feature the same top quality and thoughtful design. Choose a sleek and modern aluminum cabinet or go the more traditional route with a wood case featuring decorative mouldings. Most models have adjustable shelves, mirror backers, and internal lighting to make the most of the displayed merchandise.

What are the three main hanging cabinet styles?
  • Wall display cases with sliding glass doors make up the bulk of this category. Featuring extruded aluminum construction in silver or black anodized finishes, these hanging cabinets look amazing in professional interiors. Some styles have square frames while others feature angled corners for enhanced viewing from the side. Interior depths range from 4" up to a very sizeable 12". They all come with height adjustable glass shelving and sliding doors with locks. Top-mounted internal spotlights highlight your products while the mirrored backer produces the illusion of a far larger interior.
  • Cabinets with swing-open doors are part of our curio series. Manufactured from oak or cherry wood with finely detailed moulding, they bring an heirloom quality to the presentation at hand. These non-locking models also feature adjustable shelves and mirror backs, but no interior illumination and hail from the legendary Howard Miller Collection.
  • Open-shelf designs don't have any doors at all. These are designed with small cubbies that are perfect for displaying shot glasses or small souvenirs. Constructed from solid wood in two handsome finishes, these showcases offer excellent value at a reasonable price.

Wall mounted display cases not only save floor space; they provide extra merchandising real estate inside your retail store. You probably already know the square footage of your establishment, but instead, imagine the square footage of your interior walls. Beginning to see the possibilities? They are especially useful for keeping small but valuable items on display for customers, yet safely protected under lock and key. Additionally, retailers can rest assured their expensive merchandise won't get tampered with, or worse, stolen without their knowledge. Mount a wall cabinet next to a floor-standing model for generating added interest, or hang one behind a sales counter that will be seen by almost every customer during checkout. Strategic placement plays as big a role as the design and functionality of the cabinetry itself. Target potential customers with new arrivals or seasonal promotions. How about stock you are trying to move? Merchandise presented inside one of these displays can at once appear new and exciting (what the shopper doesn't know won't hurt them).

Very popular with our customers, these wall cases impress with their high-quality construction and fast shipping. Most models ship out same day when purchased before 2PM EST. Elevate your customer shopping experience with one of our professional cabinets today!