Display Easels - For Art Galleries, Classrooms, Restaurants & Stores

Display Easels Make Great Presentation Stands, Artist Props and Countertop Fixtures

Display easels are versatile fixtures that can be used by artists, in a gallery to display paintings, in classrooms or residentially. These decorative stands, come in metal, wood, dry erase, acrylic, portable and models designed specifically for traveling purposes. Easels are available in hundreds of decorative styles, sizes and options and are a staple to any art supply collection. Floor and countertop models are available to accomodate both different needs and settings, whether for residential or commercial purposes. Countertop models are great for displaying decorative plates display stands and for holding other items residentially or in specialty stores, like a china shop.

Easels, commonly misspelled as “easle”, are a simple yet effective marketing tool that can be used across a wide variety of industries. Decorative and ornate metal designs are suitable for art galleries, museums and residential use. Simple fold up designs are great for classrooms and offices. Many easels fold up and can be taken on the go, ideal for teachers that operate in multiple rooms throughout the day, or businessmen that often find themselves traveling to give presentations. Own a restaurant? Easel stands are available with frames and write-on boards for you to display menu options and specials. The portability will allow users to take out boards and display them in front of the store during operating hours and bring them inside when closed. Easels are also a much more affordable solution than permanent fixtures, and just as effective.Art Display Easels

Teachers can use easels in the classroom to increase the effectiveness of presentations and lessons. Presentation tools like flip charts and dry erase boards sit comfortably on any teaching easel. While classroom whiteboards are effective, flip chart stands allow teachers to create notes and presentations beforehand change pre-made pages as they move through it. Constant erasing and re-writing can often throw off transitions and the overall flow of a lesson. Whiteboard notes can also be messy and harried, leaving students scratching their heads and struggling to make sense of everything. Easels make flip-charts just as visible as classroom write-on boards, but give teachers the luxuries of organization and preparation.

The floor models are height adjustable and can hold signs as large as poster presentation boards. The legs on most stands are protected by a rubber strip that prevents sliding or scraping on the floor surface. Wooden bi-fold presentation easels are convenient because they can be stored flat and take up little space. Likewise, the portable display is made with retractable legs which allow you to adjust it either to the height of a counter top or into a full floor stand. Sign holders including the portable and tripod stand are collapsible which makes them optimal for business trips. There are also decorative easels made with stunning finishes which make a fine permanent display.

Wondering how you can use easels in your home? There are plenty of creative ways that can make everyday life simpler. Many people often use countertop easels in the kitchen to prop up cook books. Baking often gets messy, and by propping open a cook book before getting started you eliminate the need to turn pages and get extra ingredients where they don't belong. Many of these countertop stands are also effective for display iPads, so users can watch movies and Netflix shows hands-free! Also consider taking a more decorative angle. Use wrought-iron styles to display fine china, antique books and more.