Food & Candy Dispensers Perfect for Gumballs or other Bulk Foods

candy dispenserDisplays2go offers this candy dispenser in this extensive display inventory. Showcase the selection of sweets or yogurt toppings behind a sturdy layer of clear acrylic. Where are these bulk gravity bins most effective? They are designed for both corporate and residential use. These candy dispenser models are great for any hotel, restaurant, or natural foods grocery. Set one of these displays up in a buffet for easy customer access. These food dispensers have pouring mechanisms that are so easy to use. The levers and knobs make getting yogurt toppings convenient. These bulk candy dispenser units, also known as plastic natural food containers hold up over time and are a very worthwhile investment. In a fast paced food service business where customer satisfaction is necessary, there is no better item than an easy-to-use bulk bin. Find an array of candy dispensers with the most superior qualities. Some in this category all include polycarbonate structure 35 times stronger than acrylic, NSF approval, tight-fitting lids to maintain freshness, label holders which allow for quick title changes, no-spill spouts, simple disassembly and cleaning (dishwasher safe), and stain resistant polycarbonate that will not stain, crack, or yellow. This gravity bin turns your breakfast buffet or salad bar into a visual masterpiece!

candy dispenserThe gravity bins and food dispensers are mostly designed for countertop use. These new dry food cases sit on their own stands made from stainless steel, metal, or ABS plastic. There are even options with a stainless steel wall mount attachment! This food bin, similar to an upscale sweet display, saves users table space and offers a modern, sleek presentation. also sells a rotating cereal holder on a carousel base. These new food dispenser models exhibit beautiful appearances ideal for your high-end restaurant or natural food shop.

All of the yogurt topping containers in this category come with certain features standard. This gravity bin is made from a specific type of clear acrylic called polycarbonate. This material is clearly 35 times more sturdy than the average food bin. Hold more natural food for a longer period of time than other models. The spouts included with these displays are specially made for doling out the levels of food polycarbonate cases hold. Furthermore, this exterior prevents harmful UV rays. These rays can make the food stale or even spoil it. Polycarbonate is just another of the many characteristics that separate these displays from the competition.

What kinds of food can these displays dispense?
    candy dispenser
  • These models are a great place to put candy items such as gumballs or hard candies. Whether in a sweet shop, ice cream parlor, convenience store, or other food institution, these dispensers where designed for desserts. Multiple small candies disseminate to the delight of customers.
  • Coffee beans are a great item for these displays. Set up the bin next to the coffee pot in a home or office kitchen. Utilize food displays with various bins for keeping different types of coffee beans.
  • Many other snacks such as nuts, cereals, and trail mixes make for the perfect contents. Users no longer have to deal with different cereal boxes or nut cases. Have a pre-made snack mix ready as soon as it is needed with these displays.
  • This yogurt toppings gravity bin is a dry food container. For beverage pouring options please visit the other categories dealing with liquids.
How do these models dispense food?
  • Many of these natural food displays have a pull handle that lets the food easily flow from the bin. These candy holders have for different dispensing settings. These settings vary the speed that the food stuffs come out of the bin. Simply adjust the pin to change the flow.
  • Some of the displays in this category operate with a sliding lid. When food is needed, users can pull the acrylic bottom out for a steady stream of food. To stop the gravity bin, just push the acrylic lid back into place.
  • All of the models in this category are top loading candy displays. Remove the top lid and deposit the dry food stuffs into the acrylic bin. These products are specifically designed to prevent food from getting trapped in corners.

Customizable options are available for fitting into any institution. There are different color options for the plastic levers. Customers can choose red, purple, black, or green handles and accents on the bin. Color-code the contents of each container for easy identification. Removable plastic sign holders are available for further identifying foods. In addition to color, there are many different installing options for users to implement. Many of the models in this category function well on a countertop and a stand. These yogurt topping dispensers include 3M locking strips for anchoring them into place. Users can place these models in the location that best suits the overall layout of the institution.

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