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Plastic Flyer Holders | Injection Molded Brochure Boxes

Plastic Flyer Holders | Brochure Display Boxes with Black or Clear Molded Design

Plastic Flyer Holder

These plastic flyer holders, also called molded brochure boxes, are great for displaying tri-fold literature. The countertop leaflet stands are transparent, which gives viewers an unobstructed look at the printed materials within. The molded plastic flyer holders are available with tiered or adjacent pocket configurations. This way, important publications are easily spotted by onlookers. Some of the brochure boxes are designed for standard 4" x 9" leaflets, while others can fit letterhead sized materials. 8-1/2" x 11" displays are perfect for holding magazines, catalogs, and wide-format pamphlets. Browse the complete selection to find the best literature rack solution for your home office or business.

Why are so many of these black and clear brochure display boxes tiered?
  • These plastic flyer holders feature several tiers because they help separate and organize the presented materials. The "stepped" configuration elevates the face of each brochure, so all are visible at one time.
  • Many molded plastic pockets have box-like shape that is ideal for creating different levels. Each tier can hold a different stack of tri-fold literature. That way, bystanders are confusing by messy or disorganized leaflets.
  • Because most of these boxes are made from a clear material, viewers can easily see every different reading selection that is available. While there are a few designs with adjacent pockets, most of the holders for flyers feature tiered levels for easier browsing.
Clear Brochure Box

Another commonality among this line of plastic flyer boxes is the number of pockets each unit offers. The theme for this particular line is multi-pocket. As a result, it is easy to find a well-designed brochure display solution that will fit all of your pamphlets at one time. Each of the pockets is able to fit either tri-fold literature, standard catalog/magazine sized reading materials. Buyers are able to find the designs they need that provide the right amount of functionality and style. The transparent look is definitely in! The modern literature pockets are sure to blend in seamlessly with any environment while keeping potential customers focused on the reading materials presented within. In fact, our expert purchasing staff looks high and low for not only great deals but also neat literature display fixtures that excite viewers. The latest and greatest designs are constantly being added to the already extensive line, so come back to the online store frequently for the best deals.

What separates injection molded plastic from other materials like acrylic?
  • Injection molding is a slightly cheaper way to manufacture plastic. By using this economy material, we can offer a lower cost option for those with constricted budgets.
  • These price-point molded plastic pockets allow customers to afford more at a time. In fact, bulk purchases are ideal because the price is so low. The affordable pricing ensures that businesses can be fully outfitted with one order.
  • The finish on some of these clear boxes is slightly different from the clarity acrylic offers. But again, the cost is lower for a reason. Sometimes economy is king, which is why we provide such an extensive line of molded plastic holders.
Economy Literature Rack

With single pocket, multi-pocket, desktop, countertop and wall mount products for retail and business, there is bound to be a display to keep your literature and multi-media merchandise sorted and in good condition. Some of our products are even great for around the abode! Click here to view all acrylic brochure displays. Slot sizes accommodate tri-fold brochures, letter size flyers, full size periodicals or depending on the item that you select. With an appealing and compartmentalized display your information is bound to keep you sorted and capture your customers attention! Start shopping our full brochure display racks. As a manufacturer, our literature displays are always stocked and ready for immediate shipment. Displays2Go provides a full spectrum of point of purchase displays that can be seen at our main shopping categories page. Need other organization or display ideas? Visit our home page for a comprehensive look at some our more popular products.