Acrylic Podiums | Lucite & Plexiglass Pulpits for Sale

Acrylic Lecterns - Lucite & Plexi Pulpits

These acrylic podiums and pulpits feature a modern design that looks great in any contemporary setting. The clear plexiglass construction is entirely transparent. This way, the acrylic podium, or lectern, keeps the focus on the speaker rather than the stand itself. Lucite, perspex, and plexiglass are much lighter materials than hardwood, wood-laminate, and metal assemblies. As a result, the acrylic podiums for sale in this category can be moved around with much less effort. There are several different pulpit configurations to choose from. Need a tabletop acrylic podium? We've got you covered! We have both floor standing and countertop displays. As an expert plastics manufacturer, Displays2go has the knowledge, experience and tools to produce alluring clear lecterns. Get one today for your church, school, or conference center!

These perspex church podiums with acrylic construction are cut from thick materials sheets, ranging from 3/8" to 1". The thicker plastic helps to prevent cracking, which is all too common among cheaper units. Our assembly process utilizes a special joining solution that eliminates the need for fasteners. The joining solution produces a clean joint between the pieces, yet is stronger than a mechanical fastener. In fact, some of the speaker pulpits have no fasteners at all, while others are designed with hidden fasteners for non-acrylic components. Glass podiums are very expensive and can break creating dangerous shards. Plexiglass and lucite provide the ideal alternative, as the lecterns are lighter in weight and will not shatter.

Shoppers can choose a model that is entirely plastic or a stand that has both acrylic (perspex, lucite, plexiglass, etc.) and aluminum. Either way, the modern look is sure to add some flair to your lecture hall or other preaching environment. Each reading surface is either fixed or adjustable, so that the perfect angle is achieved. The slanted tops make it easier for teachers and professors to spread out their materials, like speeches and lecture notes. Most of the tilted designs feature a catch, or lip, along the bottom edge to prevent literature and other information from falling off onto the floor. There are even a couple of adjustable designs that allow the reading platform to be angled according to comfort and application. Check out all the plastic lecture stands to find the design that best suits your business, school, or non-profit. As one of the country's leading acrylic display manufacturers, we're able to bring our customers low cost solutions without sacrificing high quality materials and construction.