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Crowd Control Stanchions - Post & Rope Displays for Lines, Queues and Holding Areas

Stanchions for Crowd ControlStanchions are a perfect way to guide your customers in a specific direction and keep waiting lines more organized. There are two different lines of crowd control posts, including Economy or Deluxe QueuePole models. These stanchions include the famous name brand Tensabarrier® ropes and pole styles. Our crowd control stanchions are some of the most commonly used and affordable systems in the industry. This site offers stanchion units and accessories including ropes, posts, changeable sign headers, customized signage and a variety of belt & pole colors. Organize the audience in any desired fashion. Crowd control posts are for movie theaters, banquet halls, hotels, and other locations. Coordinate large audiences by setting up structured lines and waiting areas. Stanchions help give business owners control over large crowds.

Post and rope systems are used for a variety of purposes beyond crowd control. If you want to get really creative (and own a $450,000 car) you can use stanchions to rope off your Lamborghini Aventador. Many poles are crafted from metal and have high quality construction. Choose different styles that will best complement the needs of a specific business, event or setting. For example, traditional pole & ropes models are optimal for museums or other upscale environments. There are a variety of different options for portable poles and adjustable models. If layouts need to be re-configured often to adapt to different events, users may want to invest in retractable belt crowd control posts. Portable and stationary models are just one of the many specialty items currently available to help businesses be more organized. These sets come with many different colored poles and ropes. Sleek black, silver, and gold polished metal poles control the situation while maintaining an elegant decor. Blue, red, gray, and black ropes also add to the overall environment. Retractable belts are popular for movie theaters, amusement parks, and restaurants.

Besides roping off your car, what are some of the most creative ways to use stanchions?
  • Setting up a VIP booth at parties to make the subject of surprise parties feel exclusive.
  • Sectioning off valued pieces of art, antiques and collectibles.
  • Using wall mount stanchion brackets to rope off certain areas with ease.
  • Organizing lines and queues for popular food trucks and popular takeout dining establishments.
  • Setting up lines at amusement parks and movie theaters. Adjustability allows users to change setups based on line length. These models can also be set up and used as outdoor stanchions.

Crowd Control BarriersIn addition to the theater ropes and poles, there are accessories designed to aid users in managing crowds. Signs are a great way to supplement and further inform audiences about where to go. Each type of post has its own style of sign that fits directly on top. There is an array of sizes and style to select from. Black and silver frames are neutral and don't detract from the messages. Users can place these signs in either landscape or portrait orientations. Signs include a plastic lens to protect the signs from damage. Furthermore, many of these models have vinyl surfaces to create plastic letter messages. We will customize an acrylic sign for a minimal fee. Place unique messages, logos, and other advertisements on these black signs. Another accessory for mounting on top of the posts is a literature holder. These 10" x 8.5" x 16" prisms are specifically designed to hold traditional 8-1/2" x 11" flyers. The acrylic panels protect the information while showcasing it. Other accessories for crowd control systems include wall receivers for attaching ropes, rubber pads for the bottom of the poles, and two different devices for porting the posts. The first is a dolly with wheels at the base plate. Users simply need to scoop the post into the grooves and wheel it to another area of the room. The second is a cart capable of holding up to 18 stanchion poles in individual padded slots. These carts have brown polished steel exteriors and six inch rubber wheels. Busy businesses can really benefit from carts to expedite daily operations. Side bumpers prevent any damage from being done to walls. Make it more convenient to organize customers and audiences with these accessories.