Slatwall Panels - Various Sized Boards for Retail Use

Slatwall Panels in White, Black, Woodgrain, & Designer Finishes

Slatwall Panels are ideal modular display products for a few reasons! These wall mounting boards serve as blank canvas' for whatever store displays you can dream up. Regularly spaced slats coordinate with specially designed accessories to help you sell your product, promote a cause, or disperse information in general. Simply slide hooks, brackets, shelves, sign holders, or any other type of accessories into the panel's groove to start displaying your merchandise!

These slatwall panels are constructed with solid fiberboard and rugged laminate. They mount to the wall via four large screws and anchors (provided). We have also provided screw caps to protect the look of your display. Some models offer the option to customize them with your company name or logo. Available custom header colors coordinate with the color of the panel, however you also have a preference of six colors for the text or image. Each panel can be mounted alone or they can be used as building blocks to cover an entire wall. Once mounted, all you have to do is add accessories and inserts. Acrylic brochure and sign holders easily attach to the slots of each panel, allowing the user to display advertising and notices immediately. Add faceout hooks or hang rails to display clothing or other types of merchandise. For products that weigh more than others, add specially designed "Readysert" slatwall inserts to your panel's channels. These inserts reinforce the channels, making them stronger and allowing them to hold more merchandise!

What types of merchandise are best suited for these slatwall panels, and how can they be displayed? The sky is the limit with slatwall, as their versatile design is combatible with many different types of shopfitting accessories that are appropriate for everything from clothes to technology devices.

Retail shopfitters commonly use hooks on slatwall panels to hang merchandise. Purses and handbags can easily be hung by their straps, and look trendy in front of panels with a maple finish. Hats and jackets are also easily hung in this same way. This works best when displaying an example of the apparel product to shoppers. Racks or other displays can then hold the bulk of the inventory in another location. Additionally, hooks can be used to hang packages of electronics, cables, toys or any other merchandise that comes in a polyethylene package with a cutout hole on the top. If you're a gas station or convenience store, try using slatwall panels and hang rails to hang bags of chips, nuts and other snacks. If you're a music shop, hang your precious guitars on reinforced slatwall with hooks!

slatwall bins in use

Another way to display merchandise on a slatwall panel is with the use of shelves. Shelves work great for displaying shoes, ceramics, vitamins, books and more.

For small, inexpensive products that might be bought in large quantities, attach plastic baskets and bins to your slatwall panels. Bulk bins are perfect for items like nail polish, candy, samples and fun promotional items like bottle openers and keychains. Make sure to hang them low enough for anyone to reach down into them with ease.

slatwall bins in use

Make sure to check out our entire selection of panels for slatwall, which in combination with these accessories, make displaying products of all kinds not only possible, but very simple. These versatile fixtures allow for on-the-fly swaps as inventory grows and changes. Embellish your wall with red mahogany, maple or white slatwall panels, and get the edge on your competition by improving the shopping process for your valued customers.

slatwall bins in use

For those looking to create bold, stylish displays, our designer style slotted wall panels offer a simple way to create visually arresting areas for feature merchandising. Available in a variety of styles, including weathered barn-board, cube-look subway tile, brick, and rugged OSB, these oversize wall-mounted slot boards are designed to work with standard hooks, shelves, and accessories. In addition to the stylish pre-designed decorative finishes that lend an architectural look to interior decor, we also offer durable white paintable slatted panels that DIY fans can use to create one-of-a-kind displays.