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Retail Display Store Counters - Quick Shipping Options Available

Display & Store Counters for Retail Companies

cash counter in maple Are you looking for a retail display counter for your gift shop or retail store? Look no further; there is a wood or glass fixture here that will meet or exceed your expectations! This sales counter is perfect for showcasing such items as; jewelry, collectibles, purses, high-end collectibles, watches and small electronics. Likewise this store fixture can double as a POP display. The display counters featured here have adjustable glass shelves, pull-out drawers, extra storage space, and locking cabinets. Some of the glass cases feature a frameless design which allows for a 360° view of the displayed objects. Jewelry and high-end department stores use this display counter to exhibit accessories or high-ticket items. This all-glass design makes it easier for the customer to see all of the merchandise being offered. Buy this store counter along with other store fixtures for sale here to create a complete retail configuration. When purchased before 2PM EST; most of these glass and wood cabinets ship within a few days.

arrange multiple cases for a custom counter The display counter featuring graphite countertops is suitable for upscale institutions. These retail shop fixtures are made with the highest quality wood and graphite merchandise. Choose a display counter in 24", 36" or 72" width, to be used along with one of the gorgeous glass cabinets. These store fixtures make for a great POP area to cash-out customers, all while exhibiting retail objects. This display counter features a durable graphite countertop and solid wood base. There is additional storage space available on the backside of these retail service counters to keep extra stock or supplies readily available. The display counter above, also has built in channels to allow power cords for a cash register or computer to be passed through, and hidden from sight. The shelves on these wood store fixtures are adjustable making them very versatile. The coordinating display counter with the glass case was built with both the customer and the employee in mind. The alluring craftsmanship and design of the wood cabinets is appealing to the customer, while the convenient features make it easier for the clerk to perform their job.

frameless economy design This shop counter is available in multiple finishes; natural, cherry and black. There are also retail store fixtures that have an all glass design. No matter what the current d├ęcor is, there is a shop counter here that will blend in or accent the existing furniture in any retail store. Customers typically base the quality of objects being sold by the cleanliness and quality of the store's fixtures. All of the shop counter merchandise sold here will certainly amaze your patrons, and add a touch of class to any retail environment. By using these cash wraps; checkout areas will look more neat and sorted. These retail display counters are truly an essential fixture for any store. As an added convenience to shoppers here, there is a complete section of pre-configured fixtures. These retail display counters include all of the necessary cabinets and cash wraps to create a fully functional and nice looking POP and checkout area. Use the layout we have designed, or create a retail display case with the allotted items. Either way, these retail display counters will create an appealing focal point for customers to revel. As with all of the retail fixtures sold here, these configurations are available in multiple finishes and sizes. Choose the retail display counters that best suit your taste in furnishings. The pre-configured sets are also sold at a discounted price based on ordering the same units individually.

Can these retail store counters be shipped to a residential address?
  • Many of these glass display cabinets ship via freight which typically requires a receiving facility with a loading dock.
  • There are some retail store counters that ship unassembled and can be delivered to a residence.
  • There are exceptions allowed, and special handling offered on most of these display cabinets, at additional costs.
What type of glass is used on these retail shop counters?
  • All of the store fixtures that are offered here use tempered glass.
  • These retail shop counters are much more safe than those that use standard plate glass.
  • More a more in depth explanation, and a visual representation of the differences between the two types of glass, please click on the link above.

Along with these display cabinets and retail shop counters there are many other lines offered here! In addition to store fixtures, there is a wide variety of other POP merchandise including glass cabinets, retail shop counters, countertop displays and poster frames just to name a few. This company has been engineering and offering POS objects since 1974. Displays2go started out as a small business, making custom acrylic items and then selling them to local institutions and big-name businesses around the state. As the number of orders increased; a free-standing factory was purchased, workers were hired, and the returning and new patrons grew exponentially. Then with the dawning of the World Wide Web the owners generated this website, and started offering objects to the entire country and Canada. Since then, this corporation now occupies three warehouses filled with over 2 million units, the majority of which, ship the same day customers place the order. In stock requests received prior to 2PM EST ship the same day, while all others processed after the cutoff time ship the following business day. Some restrictions do apply with build-to-order items or artwork related work. With more than 7,000 marketing displays offered, this site is able to satisfy a large array of customer needs from many different selections. This website is the nation's #1 option for all POP objects! Thank you for your patronage and please come back again!