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Collectors Show Case Offered in a Wide Array of Sizes

Collectors Show Case in Various Designs!

Use this collectors show case to display your favorite collection.Are you shopping for a collectors show case to display toy soldiers, miniature cars, or other valued collectibles? There is a huge selection of products that will satisfy your needs here! Choose a collectors show case for countertop use, or a full-size floor showcase. All of these fixtures are made with quality materials. The collectors show case that is used on a counter feature acrylic covers to protect the contents as well as provide a clear view of the collectibles. By using a lightweight material, in lieu of glass, the cost is kept low, and the likelihood of someone getting hurt if it should happen to break is also less likely. For the collectors show case that sits on the floor; tempered glass is used on all of the items within this product line. This safety glass is often a requirement by retail locations, as it poses less of a liability should an accident occur. These full size display cabinets are also suitable for home use to protect your favorite collectibles such as miniature figurines, fine china, or dolls. This collectors show case category features fixtures in several wood finishes as well as cabinets of many different widths. No matter what the current décor may be there is sure to be a suitable showcase here to complement existing furniture items. This collectors show case that holds small memorabilia is also commonly seen at trade shows and conventions to protect and control access to valuable items. Use these small display cabinets to cover a layout of toy soldiers from a famous battle, or a set of miniature die cast cars. This collectors show case that has a lift-off cover is also perfect for displaying sports memorabilia such as autographed balls and helmets. These showcases are a must-have for anyone that has a lot of time and money invested in their collection.

This collectors show case is ideal for displaying miniature toy soldiers.Another use for this collector showcase is in a jewelry store or high-end boutique to spotlight expensive merchandise. Place a necklace, pendant or other piece of jewelry on a riser, and place the acrylic cover over it for protection. Some of these smaller cases even feature a locking frame to further keep curious patrons from touching merchandise without your consent. Do you need a collector showcase specifically for a ball or other round object? There is a complete line of cases here that feature either a groove in the base, or round riser to minimize movement of the contents on display. There is also a collector showcase for sale here that features a mirrored deck to further highlight the items being exhibited. For shoppers looking for just a simple display, there are several units available with either a plain plastic base, or a wood base. Likewise, there is a collector showcase in many different sizes and shapes offered in this online catalog. Whether it’s a toy soldier collection, Webkinz, or miniature Nascar models, there is a display here that will protect your investment and allow them to be shown safely.

This collectors show case is commonly used in high end stores to protect expensive collectibles.Shoppers that are looking for a collectors showcase, also called a wooden display case, will find a huge assortment of floor standing models in several sizes. Most of these wood and glass cases feature adjustable shelves and sliding doors to accommodate a wide range of sizes of items. Use this collectors showcase in a retail store to exhibit a set of dishes or in a home to show-off your favorite collection of figurines. Regardless of the need or location, shoppers will find a suitable display among this diverse category.

Does the collectors showcase shown above have glass panels or doors?
  • All of the countertop displays feature acrylic panels. This makes the display box lighter and less of a liability than a comparable glass unit.
  • The floor standing collectors showcase all feature tempered glass panels.
  • For further information regarding the materials and construction of any of these products; be sure to read the detail description page, or contact a representative.
Do the collector show case fixtures for sale here all ship via freight carrier?
  • The smaller counter top units all ship via standard ground shipping methods.
  • This collector show case that sits on the floor all have truck shipping options.
  • There are a few different levels of service for truck shipping. Choose from standard truck shipping or deluxe delivery that includes set up and removal of any debris.

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