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Custom Silkscreening & Ordering Information

Brand It!

Not all displays have to be created equal. Silkscreening brands your product with a professional look, allowing you to personalize your display and in turn increase brand awareness.

Silk screening also helps to deter the unauthorized use of your display with someone else's materials.

Please contact our Call Center to place an order either by phone at 1-800-572-2194 or info@displays2go.com

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Custom Silkscreening Is Our Specialty!

Most of our displays are available with affordable, custom silkscreen imprinting for increased brand and product recognition. Since we are the manufacturer, all of our silkscreening is done in-house, which allows the majority of custom silk screen orders to ship within 3 weeks after approval of art work.

Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Display Silkscreening:

  1. Can you silkscreen on corrugated (cardboard) displays?
    No, we do not currently silkscreen on any corrugated displays. We only silkscreen on our acrylic displays.
  2. How many colors are available per unit?
    Our silkscreened orders usually have a maximum of 3 colors per unit.
  3. Can I see my silkscreened unit prior to the order being produced?
    Yes, once your artwork is approved, we will send you a no charge sample of the actual silkscreened unit to see and approve prior to production of your order.
  4. How long will it take to receive my sample?
    Once we receive your final artwork approval, a sample generally takes 3-5 business days. The sample will be shipped next-day air to you.
  5. 5: What is the lead time for a silkscreened order?
    The lead time will depend on the unit being quoted, the quantity of the order, and the number of colors being silkscreened. An estimated lead time can be provided with your price quote.

More frequently asked questions:

What methods of payment do you accept for silkscreened orders?

We accept company check, wire transfer, or credit card. A 50% deposit will be required to start the order.

Will you design my artwork for me if I tell you what I am looking for?

No, we do not provide artwork design services.

Is silkscreening available on all of your products?

No, silkscreening is generally only available on our acrylic displays.

Custom Silkscreen
STOCK DISPLAYS WITH SILKSCREENING (click a thumbnail to view a larger image)
Click to view larger Image.Example of one, two, and three color silkscreen on a stock [a href="/Product/639"]LH925[/a] unit. Ideal for travel agencies and retail locations. Click to view larger Image.Two color silkscreen on two sides of a stock [a href="/Product/504"]LH40[/a] unit, perfect for brand awareness. Click to view larger Image.Example of one, two, and three color silkscreen on a stock [a href="/Product/701"]CLIP815C[/a] unit, the perfect way to help make your next promotion a success! Click to view larger Image.Two color silkscreen on a stock [a href="/Product/506"]LH85[/a] unit that is guaranteed to draw attention of those passing by. Click to view larger Image.One color silkscreen on base of a stock [a href="/Product/2294"]VSH8511UP[/a] unit, when brand awareness is key. Click to view larger Image.Three color silkscreen on brochure pocket of a stock [a href="/Product/456"]8511ASHC[/a] unit, a favorite in banks and doctors' offices Click to view larger Image.Example of one, two, and three color silkscreen on a stock [a href="/Product/625"]LH375[/a] unit. Click to view larger Image.Silkscreen one, two, and three colors on a stock [a href="/Product/455"]VSHOT57P[/a] unit, perfect for restaurants, bars, or any retail location. Click to view larger Image.Silkscreen your logo on an [a href="/Product/520"]ASH8511[/a] to add more pizzazz to your plain flyer. Click to view larger Image.A one color silkscreened logo on a stock [a href="/Product/700"]CLIP415C[/a] always keeps your brand in sight! Click to view larger Image.Make your next promotion or recruitment a success with a silkscreened [a href="/Product/504"]LH40[/a] display. Click to view larger Image.An [a href="/Product/629"]LH425[/a] is a great display but a 1, 2, or 3-color silkscreened unit says so much more! Click to view larger Image.Ideal for hotels, travel agencies, or any retail location, a silkscreened [a href="/Product/633"]LH8555[/a] display gets your booklets & magazines noticed! Click to view larger Image.An [a href="/Product/551"]LHWM40[/a] will stand out on a white wall with a beautiful 1, 2, or 3-color silkscreened logo. Click to view larger Image.Perfect for any welcome desk, registration area or counter top, a silkscreened [a href="/Product/536"]VSH57[/a] unit ties your display to its location. Click to view larger Image.Give your [a href="/Product/528"]VSH/OT46[/a] a clean, professional look on any restaurant table or bar with a silkscreened logo.