Easel Stands - Portable, Floor & Countertop Fixtures

Easel Stands for Artists - For Table Top & Floor Presentations

Easel stands are an effective and affordable presentation tool for teachers, artists and curators. Tripods are offered easels with poster framesmetal, wood, acrylic, with portable and adjustable features. Choose from countertop or floor standing units in this online collection. What are some of the different types of easels available here? Shop from this impressive selection of studio and artist presentation easel stands in various styles and sizes. Browse through this vast selection of easels including portable and tabletop presentation fixtures. Most of these tripod stands ship same day when in stock!

Who uses these easels? Artists use tripod stands to secure a canvas while they are working. In addition, galleries often use art easels to display featured paintings, or a local artist's work. However, the collection of displays is not just intended for artists. Many hotels place signs on one of these holders outside the auditorium or multi-purpose room to advertise a performance or event. Easel stands are normally associated with art, but they are also great for signage in a board room or conference area. Speakers giving a presentation can quickly flip through the cards and graphics with the stands. There are many styles of stands available here, something to satisfy most any need or function.

Decorative artist stands are used for presentations in a classroom, meeting, restaurant, hotel lobby, art gallery or a school function. These tripods hold signage, traditional artwork, pictures, or charts. All of these easels are easy to set-up, including bi-fold, tabletop, decorative and portable stands. Smaller presentation easels called tabletop stands are also available. There are decorative tripod options manufactured from metal, plastic or wood.

Several of these floor standing presentation easels are adjustable. Many are also able to hold a large range of frame sizes. The legs on most of these tripod stands have rubber feet that help to minimize slippage and scratching floor surfaces. Wooden presentation stands, are especially convenient because they can be stored flat and take up little space. Similarly, several of the portable signage holders have adjustable legs that stand on a countertop or floor. Display easels with ornate designs add to the attractive message. Choose the style that best fits your desired setting or environment.

What are some beneficial features of these products?
  • Tripod stands are a vital advertising tool for businesses that can be used to update signage frequently in restaurants and hotels.
  • Keep content in the sightline of an approaching visitor or gathering audience.
  • Alternative means of displaying vital messages without consuming a lot of floor space. In addition, these easels are portable and can be moved with little effort.
What type of easel should I purchase?
  • Decorative easel stands are ideal for an art gallery or upscale restaurant to promote nightly dinner specials.
  • Artist easels are imperative for painting, drawing, and other media. Many people trust these stands for stability while making their masterpieces.
  • Teachers use tripods in classrooms all the time. Instructors find them to be extremely useful in keeping lectures organized.

Countertop Easel is perfect for traveling salesmen that need a small, compact stand!In this online catalog, shoppers can order tabletop easels, that range in size from 4" to 25" high, perfect for countertop displays where less presentation space is available. The compact design takes up little counter space and is easy to carry. Similar to the floor-standing models, the small easels come in either a decorative, unique, or standard look to fit the décor of your establishment. Acrylic tabletop displays can hold brochures, pamphlets, and other information, are also available.