Exhibition Partitions

Exhibition Partitions for Trade Shows, Galleries & Museums

Exhibition partitions play a huge role in trade show booth design. The foundation of every well designed and professional exhibit is its backdrop and wall systems. These partitions not only create structure, but can help guide visitors through your booth.

Wall dividers provide separation from neighboring exhibitors, clearly defining and enclosing your booth. When strategically configured, they can create an inviting space. Trade show partitions block out the noise and distractions from other exhibits, allowing you to have more meaningful conversations and connect with visitors.

You only have 3 seconds to make an impression on someone walking by your booth. Your event partitions take up the largest amount of real estate in your booth: put them to good use! Many of our display systems include custom graphics. One-of-a-kind exhibition partitions boost brand awareness and are a driving force in attracting visitors to your booth. We also carry a wide variety of walls with hook-and-loop receptive surfaces for exhibitors looking for a quick and simple display solution that can be customized on the fly.

We know the importance of portability in the world of trade shows, fairs, and events. That’s why we carry temporary wall partitions designed for quick setup, disassembly, and transport.

  • Pipe and Drape - One of the more traditional and inexpensive styles, this system has a straightforward design that makes for easy setup. Assembly is as simple as setting up the framing and sliding the fabric through the top pipe.
  • Folding - These floor standing exhibition partitions typically have the fastest assembly and breakdown time. With hook-and-loop receptive surfaces, you don’t need to specially order new graphics to keep your display looking updated and refreshed
  • Truss - A sturdy aluminum frame is the basis of this setup. The fabric partitions can attach or cover the truss framing. For maximum portability, these temporary systems are completely collapsible and lightweight

Though commonly used for trade show booths, these exhibition partitions are a popular staple for venues like museums, art galleries, festivals, large events, and even weddings.