Suit Mannequins

Suit Mannequins for Men’s Formal Clothing & Apparel

Men’s formal clothing stores often carry high ticket items that deserve to be properly showcased with suit mannequins. These store displays go far beyond any clothing racks or shelves. Customers can truly get a feel for the look, feel, and quality of the suit when it’s displayed on a store mannequin. When choosing a suit for an important business presentation or meeting, customers are looking for guidance on what looks good and what's in style. A well fashioned display is one of the greatest drivers of sales for high end retail stores.

What's the best mannequin for men’s suits and formal apparel? Finding the perfect mannequin style depends on your individual business and your specific retail needs. Most suit mannequins exude the classy, professional, and elegant environment found in most men’s clothing stores. From floor to ceiling, your store’s retail fixtures, shelving, racks, décor, and even display mannequins need to have a cohesive theme and feel. Disjointed store displays come off as unprofessional, which can be harmful for high end retailers.

The most common types of suit displays are mannequins and dress forms. Our selection of male mannequins runs the gamut, including abstract or realistic, full body or half body, etc. They also come in many colors and finishes. Mannequins give a more realistic shape and feel to your suit display, making it easier for customers to visualize the outfit. Dress forms, on the other hand, have a simple and straightforward design that let the clothing speak for itself. Pinnable dress forms are also great for clothing businesses that offer tailoring services.

Suit mannequins are not only decorative store fixtures but also powerful selling tools. Store owners who excel at visual merchandising know how to turn perusing customers into purchasing customers. If you create a truly great outfit for your male mannequin, people will be more apt to buy that exact outfit - or at least try to replicate it on their own. For maximum impact, your store mannequins should be placed in a window display or close to your shop’s entrance.