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Flag Boxes Feature Different Wood Finishes to Match Decor

Flag BoxThis collection of flag boxes is an excellent way to commemorate the American or any homelands’ country. Why use a military shadow frame? This flag box not only serves as a place to put patriotic accessories, but also displays patriotic feelings within a home or office. Customers can take pride in using this model because the craftsmanship on these military shadow frames is of the highest quality. Displays2Go.com manufactures each flag box with solid wood and impeccable attention to detail. Many distributors only offer models with low quality MDF and cheap plastic faces. These flag boxes have decorative molding along the edges. The joints not only form a classy triangular shape, but they are made to last a long time. These flag boxes, sometimes referred to as veteran emblem cases, feature glass fronts to protect the contents. The glass is also an elegant detail that allows guests to see the memorabilia and be impressed with the ornate design. The glass on this flag box has a bevel on the interior for an even more upscale look. Certain units open from the front for a simple, but pristine manner to insert memorabilia. These flag boxes have magnetic clasps on the frame to ensure the unit remains closed in any position. Other styles open up from the back like a traditional picture frame. This flag box collection, no matter the style, is the best way to present national emblems to veterans and patriots. Customers can thank someone for their service with this amazing veteran emblem cases.

Flag BoxThese flag boxes are offered in two special sizes. Military shadow frames are available for 3' x 5' and 5' x 9-1/2' national emblems, both of which are recognized by the United States as regulation sizes. This flag box collection is designed to fit the standard banners found at most homes and buildings. There is no need for specialty orders because most common banners fit into one of the two sizes. The triangular pieces for 3' x 5' emblems come in three sleek colors. The oak finish is the lightest of the color options. This flag box coloring is designed to fit in with other oak pieces, but can also stand alone in any room. The darkest of the finishes is the black option. This distinct color is the perfect centerpiece for a mantle or tabletop. These black flag boxes offset the patriotic banner without taking focus from the patriotic emblems. The final option is the cherry wood veteran shadow frame. This flag box is one of the more popular types because cherry wood is often considered the most upscale. All of the options come with either a front or back opening. Customers should choose the flag box that best fits the decor of the establishment they are being displayed in. Some of the models have a subtle, but attractive molding along the outer edge. This traditional embellishment adds a bit of regality to the patriotic emblem.

Flag BoxesThe flag box for the 5’ x 9-1/2’ banner is very similar to the smaller counterpart. All of the wood styles are available. Customers can choose an oak, black, or cherry finish. Both the veteran banner cases with back and front openings come in this style. Just like the 3’ x 5’ models, flag boxes with ornate embellishments can be purchased at a slightly higher price. There is almost no difference between the two types except for the size of the triangular frame. Customers should pay close attention to the size of their flag and purchase accordingly.

Where can these flag boxes be placed within an establishment?

  • These interior display units can stand firmly on flat surfaces. Users of the military shadow frame can proudly place the model on their mantel next to other patriotic artifacts and memorabilia. These flag boxes also work well as conversation pieces on a coffee table or desk. Active and former servicemen and servicewomen can put the display on a ledge in their cubicle.
  • The backside of each of the flag box units has small eye-hooks, similar to those found on the rear end of traditional poster holders. Simple hardware attachments like a nail and hammer makes these units into beautiful wall hanging displays. Customers can adorn their walls with American emblems all year long.
  • Another option is using a small platform for the military shadow frames to stand on. These pedestals are the same width as the unit and provide a steady base on less than flat surfaces. Some of the models listed above include these platforms.

As mentioned to earlier, many of the triangular military banner holders are available with small platforms. However, these pedestals are also available for sale by themselves. Users who may already have veteran insignia holder may want to add a platform to better stabilize the display. These military shadow frame pedestals are available in the same three wood styles: oak, black, and cherry. Customers can have matching styles or go for a two-tone accent. The choice is purely in the consumer’s hands. The platforms are made for both the 3’ x 5’ and 5’ x 9-1/2’ units. The pedestals have hollow interiors for even lower price points. These pedestals elevate the case 2-5/8” off the mantle or other display surface.

What other displays are available to accent these American flag frame units?

  • Customers looking to build a larger display around the military banner holder should consider adding a conventional, rectangular shadow box. This online catalog includes a 16” x 20” model with a black frame and fabric interior. The unit is ½” and is the perfect place for war memorabilia and commendations.
  • Traditional photo frames and picture holders of any size can be a great addition to a shrine to patriotism. There are many different styles and colors available including wooden models with oak, cherry, and black finishes. Customers can select to place their war photos and other classic American pictures in frames that match the military banner case.
  • Although much of the focus is on indoor showcases, but there are also some options for outdoor displays. Fiberglass flagpoles for hanging banners are an easy to install option for those looking to wave old glory from either the exterior of a home or even a telephone post.

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