Flat TV Stands Hold Almost Any Television or Monitor

Flat TV Stands Attract an Audience

These flat TV stands and mounts include a wide array of different showcase options. There are a range of sizes and styles to match any specific need. What size televisions can these stands for flat TV hold? Displays2Go manufactures these television racks in accordance with the VESA mounting pattern for attaching televisions to fixtures. Most of the racks include a hollow column for hiding electrical wires from view. These stands for flat TV are for residential, corporate, and tradeshow use. Keep televised and web based presentations on display with a sturdy rack.

This Flat TV Stand is ideal for Showrooms. Where can users place this flat TV stand?
  • Most of the racks offered in this section are designed for floor use. This floor stand for flat TV features many different options for retail stores, hospitals, trade shows, and homes.
  • Brackets will attach to walls and hold televisions in place. This type of stand for flat TV features a leveler to make sure the television is perfectly in line. Browse through tilting, articulating, and stationary models.
  • Attach a flat TV bracket to the ceiling. This television mount attaches to any ceiling. This style of flat TV bracket is the solution when there simply isn’t enough wall space.
What applications can this flat TV stand have?
  • Tradeshow and mall kiosks need television racks to attract customers to their booth. This stand for flat TV with multiple screens, banner hangers, or poster frames attracts passersby to their goods.
  • People are starting to prefer narrow or slim racks within their homes. With the growing popularity of flat panel televisions, bulky entertainment furniture has gone by the wayside.
  • Hospitals will use this plasma TV rack in testing and operating rooms. Doctors and nurses analyze EKG and heart rate results right on the television screen.

This flat TV stand can include space for supplemental advertisements. Literature holders, poster frames, banner hangers and multiple monitor racks all enhance a showcase. When users attach literature holders to the TV stand, they can circulate brochures and catalogues effortlessly. Poster holders accommodate 20” x 60” graphics in traditional and curved frames. This flat panel TV stand with banner hangers brings the static advertisements up to the same level as the screen. Attach two different banners to elaborate on the wares offered. Place numerous televisions on a LCD TV mount. There is a model that holds up to four different monitors! Make this TV stand portable with wheels. Roll the display out to the position desired, and remove the wheels to make it stationary. Other portable flat television stand options are available. Some of the models have collapsible exteriors. A plasma television rack of this ilk is perfect for tradeshows and merchandise booths. Simply take apart the rack and stow it within the durable black bag provided. There is even a LCD TV mount that includes carrying case that converts into a podium.

This stand for flat tvs can be used by medical professionals. Make a stand for flat TVs into a workspace with the simple addition of a desk. These workstations feature a variety of different sized shelves, as well as removable wheels, for employees to utilize. Smaller shelves are ideal for laptops and keyboards. Users of this stand for flat TVs can manipulate the images on the screen right there. Adjust the height of the shelf and the screen to the perfect level with the included hardware and tools. Each monitor stand makes it easy to cycle through the eight different height points. Larger wooden shelves are available with bigger models. The stand for flat TVs that is 72” tall puts the desk directly in front of the screen, whereas the 75” model lets users position slightly to the left or right of the monitor. Both desks are crafted in a modern design and rest on two adjustable posts. More and more frequently, hospitals, business, and hotels use a mount as part of their workspaces. Become more effective at work by implementing these LCD mounts with desks.

No home is complete without a plasma television rack. This collection includes television furniture for the home, office, lobby, or waiting room. Each flat panel TV stand from this collection features softer and more elegant structures to provide a home feel. The glass and metal accents on each model blend in well with other home fixtures. The residential LCD mount includes shelving. One, two, and three shelf options are available. A flat panel TV stand with shelves is perfect for video collections, media players, family photos, or other home and electronic accoutrement. The shelves come in a variety of shapes. Each flat panel TV stand in the residential collection includes wheels or plastic feet at the base. Tall and narrow, a LCD TV mount is necessary to make a house into a home.

This stand for flat TV adjusts to many angles. In situations where there is little floor space, there are flat panel stand models for wall & ceiling mounting. This collection of LCD TV mounts come in a variety of styles to accommodate different screens. Each flat panel stand is VESA compatible. There are different wall styles including tilting, articulating, stationary, and arms & bracket. Some feature a built-in leveler to insure the television is straight. This type of plasma television rack offering can hold screens with a slide locking bar or screws. All models include the necessary hardware to assemble the monitor display. A stationary flat panel stand offers landscape and portrait orientation. This item is available with thin and low profiles. The articulating LCD TV mount extends and retracts to bring the screen closer or farther away. There are many angles to oblige any audience. The arms & bracket design plasma television rack tilts dramatically on the metal arms. A tilting model offers many different angles. This type of flat panel stand can tilt up and down as well as pan left to right. Articulating mounts and extending arms are available with certain tilting models. The LCD TV mount can have a motorized tilt. This style often includes a remote control device for convenient screen adjustment. This TV stand is perfect for hospital beds, nursing homes or anyone who doesn’t want to deal with getting up to tilt the picture. Similar styles are available for ceiling television racks. The ceiling plasma television rack is perfect when space is at a premium. Choose silver and black polish styles to match specific décor. A LCD television mount can fit in any room.

This LCD rack and accessories enhance any environment. There are a variety of different television accessories to supplement television showcases. These accessories make it easy to integrate and maneuver different aspects into displays. These LCD television rack accessories accommodate CPUs, laptops, and extra monitors within showcases. There are two different CPU holders that can adapt to almost any size computer. These flat panel television stand accessories include either a white or black plastic exterior. The plastic is very durable and sturdy. Both accessories have four locking wheels at the base for portability. The white model expands over 10” to hold wide CPUs and other electronics. This TV stand accessory has wing nuts to keep the holder at the exact width desired. Rubber strips on the inside of the holder assist in keeping CPUs in place. The flat panel television accessory implements plastic strips to hold CPUs steady. This item expands for 9” wide electronics. The accessories feature movable ends to be flush against the CPU. The sleek black design allows this television stand to blend in with any décor. In addition to CPU holders, there are cases for stowing laptops in this catalogue. This LCD television rack accessory attaches to the base of the television fixture. The laptop holder includes a gray metal exterior and combination locks on both sides for security. This flat panel mount accessory is perfect for storing laptops in heavily trafficked areas. When an extra monitor is necessary for a display there is an adjustable plasma mount as an accessory. This black TV stand accessory can adapt for 27” through 50” flat panel screens. The plasma mount can function well on nearly any countertop or cabinet. The plasma television holder raises and lowers the height of the flat panel screen. There is a camera shelf for easy video conferencing in corporate use. Include all of the different electronics possible in your display with these flat panel television accessories.

Displays2Go.com is the website that can meet every LCD television rack need. All of the units depicted can be found in the web-based catalog. In addition to these TV stand options there are thousands of other displays at competitive prices. Each plasma television rack fits a specific television size, so be sure to visit the mount finder to see which is the best choice. There is even a wide selection of commercial grade LCD monitors and digital poster frames within the catalogue. Mix and match displays with a LCD television rack to make the ultimate showcase. For over three decades, Displays2Go has been providing customers with unparalleled service and merchandise. Business, home owners, restaurant managers, and other entrepreneurs from all over the world trust us with all of their display needs. Over 90% of the available units ship out the same day when in stock and ordered before 1:00 p.m. EST! Expertly trained customer service representatives are available to answer any question regarding these items. Call 1-800-572-2194 to talk to an agent over the phone, or try the unique “Live Chat” option. Simply click on the Live Chat icon that’s on every page to communicate with a representative. Customer service is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST. Browse through all the display options available now!